KORE and Rev.io Partner to Provide Increased Monetization to IoT and M2M

KORE and Rev.io Partner to Provide Increased Monetization to IoT and M2M

Leader in IoT and Sophisticated Billing Innovator Partner to Bring Back-end Solutions to Market.

KORE, today announced a partnership with Rev.io, the leader in sophisticated billing and customer management service, which helps deliver scalable subscription billing and device management to the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) market.

The partnership is a continued display of KORE and Rev.io’s commitment to keep clients ahead of their competition. Rev.io is constantly innovating their platform to meet the ever-evolving needs of communications and technology service providers, coupled with the trustworthy connectivity that KORE’s seamless, reliable network provides. Rev.io’s suite of IoT features – comprised of new order entry and quoting, advanced proposal generation, and customizable fields and layouts – is one of the most strategic releases for IoT solution providers in recent years.

With the new platform advancements and partnership with KORE, IoT service providers can enjoy Rev.io’s complete quote-to-cash solution for recurring and metered billing, device management, process automation, and business intelligence. Entering new customers into the Rev.io platform is quick and easy with a robust API, a two-step account activation tool, and a bulk-importing feature for complex accounts.

“We’re always looking to facilitate growth and support innovation for our clients,” said CEO Brent Maropis, Rev.io. “This partnership with KORE allows our clients to have the ultimate user experience, while growing their business, with the security of knowing they will never lose out on connectivity during an outage or crisis.”

“For years the IoT was an intangible idea, not based in reality quite yet,” said Alex Brisbourne, CEO, KORE. “But as the IoT has become a booming market, full of growth potential and invention, it’s on us and our partners to provide customers with ways to monetize their solutions and ideas.”

“Rev.io provides that great back-end solution to make streamlined billing, automation, device management, and business intelligence a stress-free process to decrease time-to-market and encourage growth.”

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