The IoT might have a direct Impact on SEO According to Reports

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The IoT might have a direct Impact on SEO According to Reports
The Internet of Things refers to the rise of devices aside from computers and cell phones being connected to the internet. It holds the promise of refrigerators calling for service when a major part fails and the appliances in our homes turning off to save power before brownouts turn into blackouts. It raises the specter of hackers threatening to turn your fridge to defrost or crank up the AC to burn up your electric bill while you’re on vacation if you don’t pay a ransom. And now there are reports that the Internet of Things, or IoT, may have a direct impact on search engine optimization.

Shifts in Advertising

The golden dream of marketing is to reach people at the moment they realize they need a product or service because they are likely to buy the first solution that seems like the right one. For example, a refrigerator could be programmed to formulate a grocery list through an app and recommend a certain brand of a particular product in case you run out. These innovations could lead to strategic alliances between brands and completely shift how brands reach their audiences.

Information Appliance

Information appliances like Amazon’s Alexa are all-in-one interfaces. Ask it a question and it repeats the answer from Wikipedia or another highly trusted authority. Ask it to play something like your favorite songs, and musicians who’ve managed to associate their brand with those songs will be the first recommended purchases to the customer. Ask the information appliance how to do something, and websites that have a page listing that exact question are likely to be the result.

References must be tactfully incorporated into your product or service as part of the content read to the user, since voice search users aren’t going to see the brand’s logo or pictures of your products on the website. Search engine optimization for conversational queries that gently refer to brands and products is only going to increase, along with the adoption of information appliances. For example, articles on pest control will reference specific brands of insecticide and then tell you to call ABC pest control company if you still want help.

Local SEO is one of the sectors that will be the most impacted by voice SEO. For example, those relying on NYC SEO agencies will have to ensure that their SEO provider knows how to tailor content to rank well in hyper-local searches that tend to come with voice searches.

SEO for Google Will Be Less Important

Search engine optimization for Google’s search engine will decrease in importance when people are placing orders and searching for information through other platforms. Conversational SEO will dominate, as will products and services that align themselves with the sales channels preferred by each major player in the information appliance field. While Google still dominates web searches, Google Home is on an equal playing field with voice searches through Siri by Apple, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana.

Search engine optimization for web searches is the way forward. Is your business ready?

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