Kimberly-Clark Continues Commitment to Innovation by Joining Georgia Tech’s IoT Research Center

Kimberly-Clark Continues Commitment to Innovation  by Joining Georgia Tech's IoT Research Center

Kimberly-Clark has joined Georgia Tech’s Center for the Development and Application of Internet-of-Things Technologies (CDAIT).

As a member of this global, non-profit research and development center with a seat on the Executive Advisory Board, Kimberly-Clark will help guide research into the rapidly evolving Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace that addresses critical societal issues including privacy, trust, ethics, regulation and policy.

This follows the announcement by Kimberly-Clark Professional about Onvation Technology, a smart restroom management system that harnesses the machine-to machine connectivity of IoT to provide customers with up-to-the-minute monitoring of restroom conditions from any device or location, 24 hours a day. Onvation Technology is a patent-protected system that delivers real-time data and alerts so building managers can identify and fix restroom problems before they become complaints.

“Onvation Technology is Kimberly-Clark’s first foray into the IoT world,” explains Renee Pearson, Global Director of IT Innovation.

“By joining CDAIT, we are taking an active role in shaping the future of IoT innovation and better understanding how to continue leveraging the convergence of the physical and digital worlds to bring actionable data, analytics and insights to businesses.”

Kimberly-Clark is building on its long-standing partnership with Georgia Tech, dating back more than 35 years. The two organizations have partnered together from a research perspective, and Kimberly-Clark sponsors key programs within the institution including Women in Engineering, the Renewable BioProducts Institute, the Center for Bio-Inspired Design, and the Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology. Kimberly-Clark employs more than 100 Georgia Tech alumni.

“We are looking forward to actively collaborating with Kimberly-Clark’s experts in the IoT space,” highlights Alain Louchez, Managing Director of CDAIT. “In particular, their significant involvement in the IoT Security and Privacy Working Group will provide a very useful perspective in a complex and critical area.”

Currently, CDAIT’s activities are focused on horizontal domains through six Working Groups:

  • education and training;
  • start-up ecosystem;
  • thought leadership, security & privacy;
  • standards & management;
  • and research.

“Kimberly-Clark has a strong track record of transforming insights and technologies into innovative products and services that improve the lives of nearly a quarter of the world’s population,” says Clay Mahaffey, Global R&D Director for Kimberly-Clark Professional. “By partnering closely with our fellow CDAIT board members and Georgia Tech’s faculty and students, we aim to build on this history of innovation and explore the many dimensions of IoT and their applicability in today’s world.”

“We are honored to welcome Kimberly-Clark to our board,” says Jeff Evans, Chair of the CDAIT Executive Advisory Board and Director of the Information and Communications Laboratory at the Georgia Tech Research Institute. “With their experience and expertise, we’ll keep pushing IoT research and insights even further.”

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