SpotSee launches global IoT network, platform and devices

SpotSee launches global IoT network, platform and devices

Customers Gain Valuable Visibility and Insight into Operations.

SpotSee, a global internet of things (IoT) and connectivity platform, has combined the leading brands ShockWatch, ShockLog, ShockTrak, WarmMark and OpsWatch to create a tracking network that helps customers spot damage to their assets and see it in real time.

“SpotSee merges market-leading devices that sense shock, vibration, tilt, temperature and humidity with a unique communication technology and world class analytics to alert customers to potential damage in their operation or logistics network, pinpointing when and where the problems occur,” said Tony Fonk, president and CEO, SpotSee.

“Our mission is to give unbiased, virtual eyes to operations, maintenance, quality, logistics and supply chain managers around the globe.”

The demand for connectivity in global logistics continues to accelerate. According to Technavio, IoT in transport and logistics is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 17 percent through 2020. SpotSee is well positioned to take advantage of this trend by leveraging 40 years of expertise in transportation monitoring and sensing technologies with a new, innovative and low-cost approach to connectivity, tracking, and cloud analytics.

Within the SpotSee Cloud, customers can utilize histograms, maps, directional impact analysis and time studies of incidents involving their assets or packages to determine where and when damage may have occurred. SpotSee provides best-in-class analytics and device management with flexible billing options for customers (eliminating the need for the longer-term billing contracts commonly used by competitive alternatives).

“The goal is to connect our portfolio of monitoring products like ShockWatch, ShockLog, ShockTrak and OpsWatch to the SpotSee Cloud so that our customers can aggregate millions of data points into actionable and valuable insights… saving them time and money by eliminating damage in their operations,” Fonk said.

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