LORIOT.IO and futurioX to implement nationwide LoRaWAN™ network in Italy

LORIOT.IO and futurioX to implement nationwide LoRaWAN™ network in Italy

One of the worldwide leading IoT infrastructure-provider LORIOT.IO has found a competent partner for the Italian market.

In the south-European country, the Swiss tech company provides innovative solutions for the “Internet of Things” in collaboration with young startup futurioX srl of Bolzano.

Innovative start-up futurioX of Bolzano, which was founded by systems srl in autumn of 2016, specialises in creating specialised solutions for the “Internet of Things.”
“Our vision is to create a better world by means of IoT. We believe that the prudent use of technologies can make the world “smarter.” For example, environmental and human resources can be conserved, individual perceptions of safety can be raised, and life can be simplified both privately and professionally,” expressed Marco Rossi, Digital Business Engineer at futurioX srl.

In spite of just having entered the Italian market, futurioX srl is already playing an important role as a leading company in the development and sales of applications and services based on LoRaWAN™ technology. This special network protocol was developed especially for communications in IoT. These specifications were defined by the LoRA alliance of which futurioX is one of only three Italian members with official Network I status.

Close Partnership in Italy

In order to optimally cover the Italian market, Swiss company and global player LORIOT.IO recently formalised a strategic partnership with futurioX srl. LORIOT delivers the right infrastructure and products for use with LoRaWAN™ technologies while futurioX sets up and operates the production chain, from sensors and network to all platform applications and individual developments. Using LoRaWAN™ protocols as a technological basis, solutions can be created for specific requirements and areas of application. When it comes to the important areas of security and software development, futurioX relies on the know-how of systems srl, a South Tyrolean IT company.

“After a month-long selection and evaluation phase that examined various potential LoRaWAN™ network solutions and providers, we settled on the ideal partner for our needs. LORIOT.IO was a convincing choice due to their business acumen and technical expertise. This is the start of a fruitful collaboration,” explained Marco Rossi.

Know-How, Competence and Innovation

LORIOT.IO and its local partner futurioX have already equipped some regions of Italy with IoT infrastructure. In order to provide customers with the best quality when it comes to connectivity, reliability and security, futurioX makes use of local service solutions in Italy provided by LORIOT.

Julian Studer, CFO/COO and co-founder of LORIOT.IO emphasized:

“We are expanding not only our LoRaWAN™ network in Europe, but also with local partners worldwide. Finding and working with the right partners is our top priority. All of our partners are highly professional and deliver the right competence in the field of IoT. We only make use of services provided by these extremely reliable companies providing highquality solutions.”

To date, futurioX has developed a broad portfolio of applications. For example, this allows the start-up to provide solutions to cities, e.g., parking-space coordination, waste-management optimisation, water metering, or the administration of public lighting systems. In addition to smart-home solutions, futurioX also develops “tracking functions” for the private sphere, allowing the position of objects, animals or people to be located, tracked and recorded. Solutions for agriculture are also part of the company’s broad portfolio. For example, the creation of a water-distribution management for the optimal use of water resources, or monitoring of the use of pesticides to minimise risks to flora and fauna.

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