Device Authority and MultiTech sign agreement to secure IoT gateways and cellular routers

Device Authority and MultiTech sign agreement to secure IoT gateways and cellular routers

Device Authority and MultiTech Systems today announce their technology partnership, which introduces robust security options for customers utilizing MultiConnect Conduit IoT gateways and MultiConnect rCell 100 Series routers.

The partnership provides existing and future customers with access to Device Authority’s KeyScaler Platform including automated, secure gateway registration and provisioning, credential management (PKI Certificates and Passwords) and, in the future, encrypted data protection during data transfer between gateways and the cloud.

KeyScaler uses unique patented Dynamic Device Key Generation (DDKG) technology and provides a strong root of trust, securing the MultiTech Conduit gateways’ identity and offers an automated approach for registering and authenticating gateways to KeyScaler. Data is encrypted from the gateway, in transit and persists encrypted at rest, defined and controlled by customer policy.

“It is crucial to be able to trust the device and specifically our gateways and to provide additional IoT security services to our customers. Integrating Device Authority KeyScaler platform with our DeviceHQ device management service enables MultiTech with a new set of IoT security services to address the increasing IoT security concerns of our enterprise customers,” said Stefan Lindvall, CEO of MultiTech.

“Devices used in industrial IoT solutions across industry verticals must be secured from the cloud to the edge in remote locations over private or public networks. Device Authority’s KeyScaler platform addresses the security concerns that any industry would have by providing Identity and Access Management (IAM) for IoT devices.”

KeyScaler delivers automated provisioning, encryption and delivery of PKI certificates to each enabled device after device authentication. Through unique Automated Password Management technology, account passwords are automatically set and managed, including automatically changing default passwords.

“KeyScaler will be integrated as part of MultiTech DeviceHQ to deliver credential management to their deployed gateways”, said Darron Antill, CEO of Device Authority. “We’re delighted to formally progress our partnership and announce our 5-year contract with MultiTech, to continue solving IoT security challenges.”

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