Particle Releases First Industrial All-in-One Cellular IoT Hardware Platform

Particle Releases First Industrial All-in-One Cellular IoT Hardware Platform

Today, Particle released the E Series, the World’s first all-in-one cellular IoT hardware platform with out-of-box Cloud connectivity and global SIM support that vastly simplifies the cost and complexity of deploying cellular-connected IoT solutions at scale.

Particle’s E Series modules include all the critical hardware components required to build and deliver an IoT product. Existing E Series module variants connect to the Internet over 2G and 3G with future LTE M1/NB1 enabled variants available in early 2018.

All E Series modules come bundled with Particle’s development tools, open-source firmware stack, and Cloud services to decrease the cost and risk of developing IoT solutions. The E Series also includes global connectivity via Particle’s MVNO service that enables them to work worldwide; for any company, anywhere.

Will Hart, GM of Developer Tools at Particle, said:

“Nearly 80% of new IoT initiatives will never reach market, and the biggest reason is the complexity of integrating low-level embedded electronics with cellular connectivity, a global SIM, IoT messaging platform, and device management solution.”

“These are hairy hardware-software integration challenges that every single IoT product creator will run into, but that no one else in the industry has an elegant solution for. Particle’s E Series was designed with these 80% of failed initiatives in mind and represents the fastest, cheapest, and lowest risk path to market for new cellular-connected IoT products.”

Particle’s E Series modules were designed for rapid adoption and support industrial deployments with:

  • Single-sided, surface mountable hardware designs
  • SMT-friendly tray packaging
  • FCC, CE, IC, RoHS, GCF, and PTCRB End Product certifications
  • Embedded SIM card and extended temperature operating range for deployment in a wide variety of environments
  • Hardware and firmware compatible with Particle development tools to simplify design for manufacturing and reduce time to market

Embedded in Particle’s E Series is the u-blox SARA cellular module. “Particle’s E-series greatly helps facilitating a short time to market for industrial customers,” according to Suresh Ram, President of u-blox Americas. “Designs can be made and tested with existing 2G and 3G technologies and seamlessly moved to certified Cat M1 technology,” Ram said. “We are pleased Particle chose u-blox as the cellular module provider, allowing for a scalable global solution.”

During their design, E Series modules were released to a variety of customers for early evaluation. “Particle’s E Series is a step forward for Industrial IoT applications. It’s designed with manufacturing and ease-of-integration in mind. This product is superb for producing cellular IoT products at scale,” according to Justin Grammens, co-founder Lab 651.

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