Cloudera Joins Open Source Eclipse IoT Community

Cloudera Joins Open Source Eclipse IoT Community

Company to contribute to building an open source, end-to-end, Internet of Things framework, including advanced analytics and machine learning.

Cloudera, Inc., the modern platform for machine learning and analytics, optimized for the cloud, announced it has joined the Eclipse Foundation as a Solutions member and will participate in the Eclipse IoT Working Group.

In this capacity, Cloudera collaborates with industry leaders such as Bosch, Eurotech, Red Hat and Samsung Electronics to support the development of Eclipse IoT Open Testbeds. This new initiative showcases how open source software, open standards, and commercial solutions can be used to create real-world, industry-specific IoT (Internet of Things) solutions.

“With billions of connected ‘things’ on the horizon, the volume of data to be analyzed will increase dramatically and end user organizations will be looking for IoT solution architectures that embrace open standards and enable innovation,” said Alexandra Rehak, practice leader for IoT at Ovum.

“It will be increasingly important for technology leaders to contribute to the development of open source solutions and open standards for IoT with the aim of helping enterprises make IoT mainstream across industrial and consumer markets and for future, transformative use cases.”

Cloudera will work closely with some of the leading members in the Eclipse IoT ecosystem, such as Bosch, Eurotech and Red Hat, to contribute and develop an end-to-end IoT framework that combines software stacks for constrained devices, gateways, and the cloud, while also including persistent store and advanced analytics with machine learning for applications.

“The Eclipse IoT Working Group is a collaboration between organizations and individuals who share the goal of creating an open IoT,” said Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation. “With Cloudera’s commitment to open source and open standards, together with their accelerating momentum in the IoT space, we welcome their expertise and vast customer experience to our active group of contributors.”

For the past five years, the Eclipse IoT community has been actively building a portfolio of open source projects, including Eclipse Kura, the open source stack for gateways, and Eclipse Kapua, the modular open source IoT cloud platform, which provides services required for real-time data management and analytics, and management of IoT gateways and smart edge devices. Kapua also offers a core integration framework and an initial set of core IoT services including a device registry, device management services, messaging services, data management and application enablement. Initially, Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub will integrate with Kapua.

“Since its founding, Cloudera has been an active and committed member of the global open source community. We’re working with the Apache Software Foundation on dozens of projects. We’re pleased to extend our collaboration now to the Eclipse Foundation, and in particular to its IoT working group,” said Mike Olson, chief strategy officer at Cloudera. “Offering an all open source stack for the Internet of Things means organizations will be able to gain access to industry best practices and standards so they can use this massive flow of data to solve some of the biggest problems in the world.”

Bosch is a strategic member of the Eclipse Foundation, actively participates in the Eclipse IoT Working Group and is a key contributor to various IoT open source projects.

“Advanced analytics and machine learning are essential to IoT success. We are excited to have Cloudera join as an Eclipse IoT partner as they will broaden the IoT ecosystem and enrich our journey with proven technology in analytics and big data. Cloudera and Bosch maintain a strong relationship, one where Cloudera provides an advanced analytics platform based on Apache Hadoop for Bosch in multiple applications,” said Dr. Stefan Ferber, senior vice president of engineering at Bosch Software Innovations and a member of the Eclipse IoT Steering Committee.

Eurotech is a member of the Eclipse Foundation and a founding member of the Eclipse IoT Working Group. Eurotech proposed an Eclipse project to share open standard application framework for IoT Gateways in 2013 and successively an open IoT Cloud Platform project in 2016.

“We are excited to join hands with data management leaders such as Cloudera and the Eclipse open standards community to drive transformative solutions in the IoT space. We plan to collaborate with Cloudera to open up new, industry-leading capabilities for IoT innovation, isolate the developer from the complexity of data acquisition at the edge and enable end-to-end data integration and advanced analytics in the cloud,” said Giuseppe Surace, chief product and marketing officer at Eurotech.

Red Hat is a long-time solution member of the Eclipse Foundation and became a strategic member in 2015.

“The Eclipse IoT community continues to move forward as new members join and collaborate on development of an end-to- end open source framework for IoT. Having Cloudera contribute their expertise in data management and analytics to the IoT Working group can accelerate the community’s goal to produce an interoperable, open, scalable, and flexible solution that can match the IoT industry’s expectation for innovation,” said James Kirkland, chief architect for the Internet of Things at Red Hat, and a member of the Eclipse IoT Steering Committee.

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