WISeKey partners with Sigfox to launch Secure Element

WISeKey partners with Sigfox to launch Secure Element

WISeKey International Holding Ltd , a leading cybersecurity and IoT company, today announced in partnership with Sigfox its new Secure Element for Sigfox-enabled connected devices at the Sigfox World IoT Expo in Prague.

“We have been closely partnering with Sigfox to design Secure Element to facilitate the introduction of security in IoT devices,” said Benoit Makowka, Vice President of the IoT business line at WISeKey Semiconductors.

“Sigfox has designed strong security mechanisms at the heart of its communication solution from day one,” said Laetitia Jay, Chief Marketing Officer at Sigfox.

“Partnering with WiseKey allows our customers to build robust security processes to secure all their entry points by increasing the level of authentication, integrity and confidentiality of the data coming from their devices when they are transported through the Sigfox global network.”

Sigfox’s specified security mechanisms such as the Sigfox Payload Encryption provide authentication, confidentiality, integrity and privacy of the communication. The Secure Element from WISeKey will further increase the level of security by embedding these mechanisms in a tamper resistant environment.

WISeKey’s Secure Element, called VaultIC184, consists of a tamper resistant silicon chip, based on a state-of-the-art secure microcontroller, a Sigfox specific Application Programming interface, based on the latest specifications, allowing device manufacturers an easy integration of the chip, as well as a provisioning service, transferring the burden of device personalization to WISeKey’s secure Personalization Center.

Moreover, a versatile flavor of the security module, VaultIC405S, implementing next to the specific Sigfox requirements general purpose Elliptic Curve Public Key cryptography PKI primitives, complements the product offer and is a perfect solution for companies providing multi-network Internet of Things solutions requiring a state-of-the-art security coverage on all network types. Designed for low cost, power and surface constrained devices, it proposes industry standard I2C connectivity, very low power consumption and a very small footprint.

With this Sigfox specific secure add-on, WISeKey expands its offerings for securing the IoT to the very promising Low Power Wide Area Networks, of which Sigfox is a forerunner.

VaultIC184 and VaultIC405S are part of WISeKey’s global end-to-end scalable security framework WISeKeyIoT, a Public Key Infrastructure based overall response to mitigate ever increasing risks of cyber-attacks in IoT.

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