Quectel Participates in Huawei Eco-Connect Europe 2017 to Showcase NB-IoT Modules

Quectel Participates in Huawei Eco-Connect Europe 2017 to Showcase NB-IoT Modules

Quectel Wireless Solutions, a Huawei partner in the Internet of Things (IoT) field and a leading wireless module supplier, participated in Huawei Eco-Connect Europe 2017, October 26-27 in Berlin, and delivered speech on the topic of NB-IoT modules during the event.

Quectel has led the way to NarrowBand IoT by launching one of the world’s first NB-IoT modules compliant with 3GPP R13 standards in 2016, which features ultra-low power consumption, massive connectivity and enhanced network coverage.

Dominikus Hiel, Quectel’s EMEA VP, said:

“As Huawei’s only partner in the NB-IoT pre-commercial stage, Quectel has been actively engaged in relevant activities to enrich the NB-IoT ecosystem, which include technical specification, pilot projects, terminal R&D and testing, and certifications.”

Up to now, the company’s NB-IoT BC95 module, developed based on Huawei Hisilicon chipset and supporting band B5/B8/B20/B28, has been deployed in more than 400 NB-IoT projects around the globe, and offers low power connectivity and long-term longevity for smart metering, smoke detector, livestock management, smart lock and smart city.

Dominikus told that Quectel is currently collaborating with Huawei to keep progressing in the IoT field. The module vendor will launch a new variant of the BC95 module based on HiSilicon chipset in the fourth quarter of 2017, which targets global market and will support a full frequency band.

“Quectel is always willing to explore the thriving IoT market with partners across the industrial chain, including operators, local IoT device vendors and distributors, to accelerate the development of European IoT ecosystem. Huawei Eco-Connect Europe 2017 has provided us the platform to efficiently communicate,” according to Dominikus at a panel discussion of the event.

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