Penteon and hiSky Join Up to Provide Rail and Transport Operators LTE/LPWA/Satellite-based Private Network Services

Penteon and hiSky Join Up to Provide Rail and Transport Operators LTE/LPWA/Satellite-based Private Network Services

Penteon Corporation and hiSky have announced a partnership to jointly supply satellite-based industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for enterprise and heavy industry.

Integrating hiSky’s portable satellite terminals, with Penteon’s industrial remote sensing platforms, will enable the companies to provide mobility and seamless connectivity regardless of location. The resulting solutions will extend the coverage offered by Penteon’s terrestrial Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN), which is currently being implemented across the North America for Smart City and Smart Industry applications.

The partnership leverages Penteon’s extensive remote sensing product portfolio to resolve the high costs and mobility challenges associated with satellite based connectivity. hiSky’s Smartellite™ flat panel phased-array satellite technology will enable Penteon to deliver reliable remote sensing and asset tracking solutions at significantly lower costs and reduced physical size anywhere in the world.

Clay Perreault, CEO of Penteon, says:
“This partnership adds new technology and satellite expertise to our growing catalog of custom solutions for Smart Industry. We are already working with many industrial and heavy industry clients who use our terrestrial LPWAN network.”

“Augmenting our network with hiSky’s low cost satellite based solutions assures coverage at dramatically lower costs, and enables us to offer availability of crucial data in real-time, regardless of location. This will greatly increase the safety and efficiency in many industries.”

Penteon network coverage

In the illustration presented here, LoRa LPWAN coverage (in green) is engineered to be continuous in populated/commonly traversed railway segments, while more rural/unused areas may not have continuous coverage, and be serviced by hiSky’s Smartellite satellite terminal technologies. The yellow area covered by LTE provides high bandwidth intermittent coverage in communities/villages along the railway line where terrestrial internet is available for backhaul. The sensors are placed on the train, providing 24X7 monitoring of the locomotive(s) and rail cars. Onboard preprocessing is accomplished with Penteon’s Intelligent data routing hardware, onboard to selecting the most appropriate off-board communication method based on the performance and cost of the available network(s). Terrestrial communications are typically chosen when available, within reach of cities, while hiSky’s terminals become active outside populated areas.

“Penteon and hiSky are ideally positioned globally to deploy a purpose-built, private satellite network for all transport and rail operators. By leveraging Penteon’s private enterprise LTE A/5G and LPWAN networks and augmenting it with unique custom-built transport sensing platforms based on hiSky’s mobile satellite terminals, it is now possible to offer custom-engineered wireless network services to railway and transport operators on a global scale, at cost effective prices”, says Shahar Kravitz, CEO of hiSky.

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