Telia partners with peer-to-peer car sharing company Snapcar

Telia partners with peer-to-peer car sharing company Snapcar

It’s been called the Airbnb of driving – and from now on anyone who rents out their car through Snappcar will be offered Telia Sense, perhaps ending owners’ dread of seeing their wheels roll into the unknown.

​Through a freshly-signed partnership between car-sharing company Snappcar and Telia, Snappcar’s customers will be offered Telia Sense from December 15.

That means that anyone who rents their vehicle will be able to track its position, monitor the way in which it is driven and find out if anything is happening to it while parked.

Through an app and a small piece of hardware, the car owners will have access to several cloud-based and smart solutions. In addition, Snappcar and Telia partner companies offer car services and repairs, vehicle inspection, roadside assistance, insurance and parking services.

Fredrik Karlberg, Head of Snappcar Sweden, says:

“Telia Sense is a perfect fit for us because our customers can keep an eye on their car when it’s rented out. They can see where it is and how it’s being driven, if something unexpected happens or if there is anything wrong. It will be a more secure and better experience for both the owner and the renter.”

There are hundreds of thousands of cars in Sweden that simply stay parked for 23 hours a day, on average. At the same time, people’s interest in sharing cars has skyrocketed. Snappcar rentals in Sweden have gone up by 100 percent in the last year.

Through Telia Sense, users get access to automated driving logs, 4G wifi and a range of smart services. In turn, Snappcar is Europe’s biggest car-sharing service, connecting private vehicle owners with people in the same geographical area who needs to rent a car quickly and short-term.

“This is a great partnership. Telia Sense is only a year old, but the service and the whole ecosystem is growing constantly. It’s exciting that we are stepping into this sharing environment while also giving Snappcar’s customers a better experience,” says Henrik Forssell, Partner Manager, Telia Sense.

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