Acklio and Cisco Demonstrate IPv6 Operation Over LoRaWAN

Acklio and Cisco Demonstrate IPv6 Operation Over LoRaWAN

With LoRa Alliance at the “Things Conference”, the two companies showcase a new IETF protocol enabling IP connectivity across Low Power Wide Area Networks.

LPWANs, optimized for low power, wide area, and low bandwidth IoT usage, have lacked an IP solution. Thanks to a new IETF compression-decompression technology named SCHC (pronounce “chic”), it is now possible to integrate LPWANs into IP networks. Implemented for the first time by Acklio, SCHC enables interoperable use of the IP protocol suite across LoRaWAN.

The Smartgrid use case, demonstrated by Acklio and Cisco, simulates IPv6 messaging between a SCADA industrial controller and a remote utility grid storage unit. In the case of main communication link failure (Ethernet, 3GPP), LoRaWAN is used as a backup link via a Cisco LoRa gateway for IPv6 messaging with the storage unit.

Pascal Thubert from CISCO, says:

“This proof of concept combines IETF and LoRa Alliance protocols to use LoRaWAN for both upstream and downstream IPv6 communication. This is a major step for the Internet of Things, at least as significant as the introduction of 6LoWPAN ten years ago.”

Acklio proves the potential of its solution. The Internet of Things needs a simple solution to provide interoperable IP connectivity across any type of network. The development of compression-decompression standards for IETF IP/UDP/CoAP protocols provides simple, rapid and transparent integration of LPWANs into service provider and industrial networks.

The SCHC technology will become a new standard in a few weeks thanks to the work of the IETF LPWAN Working Group and the leadership of Acklio and Cisco.

For Alexander Pelov, Acklio CEO:
“This is a vote of confidence in our innovation and demonstrates the interest of operators and industrials to deploy our interoperable solution. Based on open standards, Acklio ensures end-to-end communication security and accelerates the deployment of new IoT solutions.”

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