Transatel Chooses Gemalto to Enable Cellular Connectivity for Laptops and Tablets with Windows 10

Transatel Chooses Gemalto to Enable Cellular Connectivity for Laptops and Tablets with Windows 10

Device manufacturers will be able to offer mobile connectivity to end users worldwide – straight from the native Windows 10 interface
End users can activate mobile subscriptions from the first time they switch on their laptop or tablet – anytime and anywhere.

Gemalto is supplying Transatel, a leader in global mobile & IoT connectivity, with a remote subscription management platform.

It will enable users of Windows 10 eSIM-equipped PCs to get online swiftly and seamlessly, from the moment they first power up their device. Using the Gemalto On-Demand Connectivity solution, Transatel offers OEMs a unique opportunity to market mobile subscriptions to customers around the world, directly from their devices’ toolbar.

Based on Transatel’s unrivalled global coverage and competitive local tariffs in 140 countries, OEM vendors can retail mobile subscription packages with Transatel’s mobile connectivity service, using their own brand, Transatel’s or their retailer’s. Gemalto’s solution can remotely and securely download and activate a mobile subscription on an eSIM embedded into a connected PC, and thus provide Internet connectivity even in the absence of Wi-Fi. Gemalto’s On-Demand Connectivity platform complies with the latest GSMA remote SIM provisioning specifications, and enables mobile subscriptions to be activated and managed effortlessly, over-the-air, anytime and anywhere.

“Gemalto’s On-Demand connectivity platform and eSIM technology extends and strengthens the support we can offer laptop and tablet manufacturers,” said Jacques Bonifay, Transatel CEO. “In a fiercely competitive market, we can help OEMs enhance the customer experience and create new revenue streams, whilst transforming the laptop and tablet industry’s business model.”

Frédéric Vasnier, executive vice president for Mobile Services and IoT for Gemalto, said:

“Adoption of the eSIM is fuelling an exciting new generation of connected consumer products, including not only laptops and tablets, but also wearables such as smartwatches and fitness trackers.”

“With our new solution in place, Transatel offers OEMs an open door to compelling mobile connectivity offers.”

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