Tekelek announces first commercial LoRaWAN volume rollout in France

Tekelek announces first commercial LoRaWAN volume rollout in France

A new era in IoT tank measurement as Tekelek deploy first LoRaWAN commercial rollout in France.

Tekelek, a leading developer and manufacturer of IoT telemetry products and solutions, today announced the first volume commercial order for recently developed LoRaWAN Level Monitor.

Under the contract, Tekelek will supply the TEK766 LoRaWAN Tank Sensor which is a flexible and configurable battery-operated liquid sensor with an integrated LoRaWAN radio. It is the first among such SMART tank monitoring devices to be deployed to the European fuel oil distribution market. Traditionally, cost of investment has prevented the widespread deployment of tank monitoring units to homes and businesses.

Tekelek’s new LoRaWAN Level Monitors infrastructure is based on an ultra-low-power, long-range LoRaWAN network. The advantages of a low-cost network infrastructure, long life battery and low maintenance costs makes large scale monitoring now an affordable and profitable investment.

The TEK766 LoRaWAN Monitor has the following key features and benefits:

  • Real time data analytics
  • Remote configurability
  • 14-year battery life
  • Flexible liquid level measurement solution i.e. fuel oil, water, chemicals, lubricants, liquid fertiliser etc.
  • Spot and continuous inventory management

The new LoRaWAN Level Monitor will give households and businesses unprecedented visibility and control over their fuel oil usage, and enable more accurate decisions concerning efficiency. Increased profitability and better managed business operations are the net benefits.

Oliver McCarthy, General Manager at Tekelek, said:

“Smart tank monitoring is one of many IoT-enabled applications that could transform how people live and engage with the world around them, and how businesses operate and engage with their customers. We are receiving much interest and look forward to developing relationships with our European based customers.”

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