Quectel Supports Pietro Fiorentini Smart NB-IoT Gas Meter to Be First to Comply with EU Directives

Quectel Supports Pietro Fiorentini Smart NB-IoT Gas Meter to Be First to Comply with EU Directives

Pietro Fiorentini, an Italian pioneer in NB-IoT Smart Meters, said its RSE model Smart Gas Meter with 3GPP NB-IoT enabled connectivity has achieved European Union approvals.

The smart device, with Quectel Wireless Solutions module inside, becomes the first Smart Gas Meter with NB-IoT connectivity on the market to bear the EU’s RED (Radio Emission Directive), MID (Measuring Instrument Directive) and ATEX (Installations in Explosive atmosphere) approvals.

As a partner of Pietro Fiorentini, Quectel supported the product development with its flagship BC95 NB-IoT module, which ensures that the smart devices can connect even in complex environments such as indoors or underground. The NB-IoT smart meter also enables real-time collection of meter reading, remote operations and value-added services based on big data analysis.

Battery life spanning up to 15 years is another outstanding achievement of NB-IoT technology. Now battery life matches the metrological life of the meter. This is a consistent step ahead in the overall economy of smart gas metering.

In addition, Huawei’s joint NB-IoT Open Labs working with European carriers provided Pietro Fiorentini with a pre-integration testing environment to explore the potential capabilities of NB-IoT as well as integration of the end-to-end solution ahead of the trial and commercial phases. Pietro Fiorentini has already carried out successful trials of its NB-IoT Smart Gas Meter in Italy, Spain, China, Portugal, Iran, Sweden, Ireland, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland.

Now utility companies can manage their networks in a more efficient and transparent way for their customers. Utilities using this technology will be able to develop a better informed and responsible consumption model.

Pietro Fiorentini source said:

“We are proud of being the first company in getting the full set of approvals necessary to introduce an NB-IoT smart gas meter to the market. We are ready now for massive production in our factories in Italy and China.”

“Quectel has been committed to helping partners grab new opportunities in the thriving connected economy, and I am really excited to see our joint effort becomes a concrete application,” said Dominikus Hierl, Quectel’s EMEA VP. “Our BC95 module reached mass production in 2017 and up to now, it has supported more than 500 NB-IoT cases worldwide.”

Besides smart metering, Quectel NB-IoT modules can also be adopted in segments such as smart city, smart home, home appliances, security, asset tracking, agricultural and environmental monitoring.

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