Semtech’s LoRa Technology Integrated in AcSip’s Module for IoT Applications

Semtech’s LoRa Technology Integrated in AcSip’s Module for IoT Applications

AcSiP selects LoRa Technology and the LoRaWAN™ protocol for its latest System-in-Package (SiP) modules for tracking applications.

Semtech Corporation announced that AcSiP, a designer, manufacturer and solutions provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, has expanded its current IoT System-in-Package (SiP) solutions to leverage Semtech’s LoRa® wireless radio frequency technology (LoRa Technology) and the open LoRaWAN™ standard.

AcSiP successfully adopted GPS with LoRa Technology in both variants of its SiP modules, S76G and S78G, which have gained significant customer traction. Providing long-range, low-power and easy to deploy capabilities, the AcSIP modules are ideal for IoT tracking solutions used to monitor assets including cargo and vehicles.

“AcSiP began developing LoRa-based products three-years ago and has successfully developed 11 SiP modules to use Semtech’s LoRa Technology,” said Sam Hsu, Vice President at AcSiP. “We received a significant level of interest with our LoRa-based demonstrations at the LoRa Alliance’s™ 9th All Members Meeting in Suzhou China and decided to continue to develop all LoRa-based products and adopt the open LoRaWAN protocol.”

Vivek Mohan, Director of IoT at Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group, said:

“AcSiP recognized the benefits and opportunities of expanding its IoT SiP products to utilize Semtech’s LoRa Technology, as more supply chain and asset management companies are looking for long-range, low-power capabilities and solutions for their IoT applications.”

“Semtech’s LoRa Technology has become the technology of choice for building IoT applications and AcSiP should play an important role in making our world a smarter planet.”

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