Bsquare Secures 3-Year IoT SaaS Agreement with Fortune 100 Firm

Bsquare Secures 3-Year IoT SaaS Agreement with Fortune 100 Firm

Deployment leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) Internet of Things services to achieve the scale, availability, and security required in business-critical IoT systems.

Bsquare, a provider of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions, today announced that it has entered into a multi-year Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) contract with a Fortune 100 firm to deliver IoT device and content management to tens of thousands of IoT devices across North America and Europe.

The agreement allows the customer to dynamically manage content across large fleets of devices, ensure device compliance, and manage software updates, all at high frequency and at scale. The firm will replace its existing mobile device management (MDM) solution that lacked the necessary scale, flexibility, and configurability with the Bsquare DataV Manage application and will utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT services, including AWS IoT Core and AWS IoT Device Management.

“An increasing percentage of our customers, especially manufacturers of connected devices, want to be able to on-board, manage, and update very large numbers of devices, but they lack the software development resources needed to build and evolve their own solutions,” said Dirk Didascalou, Vice President, Internet of Things, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

“DataV Manage can utilize AWS IoT Core and AWS IoT Device Management for scalability, and works seamlessly with AWS to help businesses meet device management goals, such as improved reliability and ensured device health.”

Bsquare DataV Manage provides comprehensive IoT device and content management capabilities that enable organizations to effectively manage connected assets from a centralized location, including automated provisioning and software, content, and configuration updates. The Fortune 100 firm selected DataV for its full range of IoT device management capabilities, its ability to provide the services necessary to fully integrate the solution into existing systems, and the fact that the solution leveraged the scale, security and availability of AWS IoT services.

“The challenges associated with device management at scale demanded by IoT far exceed the capabilities of most traditional device management solutions,” stated Bsquare acting CEO Kevin Walsh. “Additionally, many IoT devices are consumer facing, meaning they can be used as dynamic extensions of the corporate brand. This means that, in addition to dealing with scales not previously seen, IoT device management solutions also must handle content update volumes that severely strain traditional systems. Bsquare DataV, working in collaboration with AWS, was able to address these needs.”

DataV Manage is part of the DataV IoT SaaS solution that enables industrial organizations, such as those in manufacturing, transportation, and oil and gas industries, to use data generated by connected devices to make smarter operational decisions.

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