Kerlink and eleven-x launch pilot applications on Canada’s nationwide LoRaWAN network

Kerlink and eleven-x launch pilot applications on Canada’s nationwide LoRaWAN network

Kerlink and eleven-x Inc., operator of Canada’s first and only public coast-to-coast low-power IoT network, today announced eleven-x has launched pilot programs in smart parking, asset tracking, water metering, fuel tank monitoring, smart waste management and other applications across Canada on its recently deployed LoRaWAN™ IoT network.

The two companies completed rollout of the network early this year. Deployed in 22 markets and powered by Kerlink Wirnet™ Stations for managing millions of bi-directional messages every day from sensors and other data-collecting devices, it enables testing, development and proof-of-concept deployment of IoT solutions. The coast-to-coast network serves most major Canadian markets, allowing companies to implement mass deployments of their IoT solutions.

Dan Mathers, eleven-x CEO, said:

“Since the network’s nationwide rollout, Canadians have shown strong enthusiasm for launching a variety of applications and creating new use cases in the categories where IoT connectivity excels at improving business and municipal efficiency, safety and security.”

“Kerlink’s stations and ongoing support of our network are facilitating the launch of these pilot programs across the country.”

“Kerlink LoRaWAN™ gateways, which are known for flexible deployment capability and reliable performance in virtually any conditions, are powering nationwide LoRaWAN™ networks in many European countries, as well as in India, New Zealand, Argentina, and now in Canada,” said Carlos Briceño, Kerlink vice president Americas, Kerlink Inc. “Now that the network is up and operating as expected, our team will continue to provide the support for eleven-x to help its customers fully realize the benefits of low-power, wide area IoT connectivity.”

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