Kerlink Announces Single-Contract Package for End-to-End IoT Connectivity Solution

Kerlink Announces Single-Contract Package for End-to-End IoT Connectivity Solution

In Vancouver for LoRa Alliance™ Meeting, Company Says Offer Is Designed to Ease Access to IoT Connectivity and Control TCO for North American Customers.

Kerlink, today announced a global, turnkey package of equipment and services for IoT network design, operation and maintenance, under a single contract to simplify customers’ network use and lower their total cost of ownership (TCO).

“This global, complete network-as-a-service (NaaS) offer presents our customers with the best of both worlds,” said Yannick Delibie, Kerlink CTIO and CEO of its U.S. subsidiary, Kerlink Inc.

“Not only does it feature the industry’s leading and most widely deployed carrier-grade gateways – including the Wirnet™ iBTS 64 Highway, our full-duplex, 64-channel gateway. It also comes with a comprehensive turnkey solution for LoRaWAN™ network services. Designed for the North American market, it provides IoT network owners with a clear and affordable connectivity solution to secure their business plan, while also giving them the choice of a future-proof, scalable and robust solution tailored to their needs.”

Kerlink’s Wirnet™ iBTS 64 Highway gateway architecture includes a secure-core and secure-bootstrap software-enhancing security link, backhaul and signed-firmware management. In addition to being a full-duplex, carrier-grade LoRaWAN™ gateway, it delivers improved geolocation that includes finer timestamping – encoded information providing the time and date of events – with 64 channels. In addition, the station’s software-designed radio (SDR) has been designed to accommodate future, evolutive changes in LoRaWAN™ technology, like full compatibility with LoRa-e. It also offers lightning protection, back-up battery and lower heat dissipation than solutions currently available on the market.

“’Achieving Business Value with LoRaWAN™’ is the theme for the 10th All Members Meeting here in Vancouver,” Delibie added. “Kerlink believes that transparent and optimized TCO of connectivity is essential to help decision-makers better understand and improve their use cases’ return on investment.”

As an example of Kerlink’s competitive pricing for connectivity, the single-contract package needed to cover the city of Chicago with approximately 20 long-range iBTS 64 Highway gateways would be less than $150 per month each. This offer would include the gateways, their accessories and pre-staging, Kerlink’s Wanesy™ Management Center, customer support, warranties and insurance for the duration of the contract.

Wanesy™ Management Center is Kerlink’s highly modular and complete software suite that combines network configuration and operational management tools, remote gateway monitoring and a management dashboard. The offer also includes LoRaWAN™ Network Server, which is compatible with the latest LoRa Alliance™ specifications to benefit from an end-to-end solution for deploying, monitoring and monetizing IoT networks in various vertical segments.

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