Kerlink Launches the 2nd Generation of its Small Private Network Solution for LPWA IoT Connectivity

Kerlink Launches the 2nd Generation of its Small Private Network Solution for LPWA IoT Connectivity

Wanesy SPN 2.0 Can Support up to 20 Carrier-Grade LoRaWAN™ Kerlink Outdoor Wirnet™ Stations And Indoor Wirnet™ iFemtoCell Gateways for Vertical Applications.

Kerlink, today announced the launch of Wanesy™ Small Private Network 2.0 (Wanesy SPN 2.0), its second-generation small private network solution for multiple indoor and outdoor vertical applications, like precision agriculture, industrial equipment monitoring, building facility management and asset tracking at airports or harbours.

Kerlink’s multi-gateway LoRa® management solutions overcome two challenges for SPN IoT users: their simplicity eases decision making for network deployment, and their streamlined design and installation help users achieve quick network set up and easy operation management throughout the network lifetime. This lowers their upfront investment and helps them adapt to nascent business cases and boost their deployment. In addition, small private networks can reduce the need for extensive cybersecurity and cloud storage, which add costs and slow down deployment.

Wanesy SPN 2.0, an entry-level management solution for simple and economical network setup, is based on Kerlink’s highly intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), and allows users to speed-up deployment, optimize network operation and maintenance, and quickly put their data to work.

The platform can support and combine up to 20 carrier-grade Kerlink LoRaWAN Wirnet Stations and Wirnet iBTS carrier-grade outdoor gateways, or Wirnet iFemtoCell gateways, specifically designed for indoor applications to ensure reliable performance in demanding environments, such as basements, underground parking, elevator shafts and even mine pits. Wirnet iFemtoCell gateways also can provide additional coverage in buildings to densify and extend public or private network availability and ensure service continuity. Easy to configure, they also offer multiple options for backhaul, including Ethernet, WiFi or cellular. Wanesy SPN 2.0 is fully integrated in the gateways’ firmware, eliminating the need for cloud storage and a more complex network design.

Marie Le Berre, vice president for Kerlink’s Infrastructure Solutions business unit, said:

“In applications spanning the diversity of smart IoT deployments, Kerlink small private networks easily collect data and run it in real time, or in post-processing, to tune use cases and business models.”

“Later on, once the customer’s business case is consolidated and connected end-device volumes ramp-up, they can smoothly switch to a more carrier-grade core network and operations-management solutions, like the Kerlink Wanesy Management Center, in full confidence from both a business and a technological perspective.”

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