Kerlink Connects with Leading Turkish IoT Network Provider To Accelerate Adoption of LoRa Technology in Eurasia

Kerlink Connects with Leading Turkish IoT Network Provider To Accelerate Adoption of LoRa® Technology in Eurasia

Kerlink, today announced plans to expand its presence in Turkey, in partnership with the nationwide IoT network-solutions distributor, NetOP Technology.

The Turkish company designs and manufactures more than 60 types of low-power, wide-area network (LPWAN) sensors, and provides end-to-end IoT solutions for vertical markets with its hardware and software. NetOP Technology’s sensors support an extensive range of applications in industrial control, logistics, smart buildings, smart cities, smart agriculture, smart health care and other widely used IoT applications.

“Previously, we have had to decline some IoT business opportunities because available solutions did not meet the users’ needs for device battery life, data-transmission range and connectivity fees,” said Olcay Taysi, NetOP’s CEO.

“LoRa® technology overcomes these challenges and enables us to support projects in all the key applications that Turkish industry and cities are ready to launch. We have validated Kerlink gateways and solutions with the NetOP sensor family in a plug-and-play system that will help our customers to quickly begin experiencing the benefits of the IoT.”

Ermeline Lebon, head of Kerlink channel sales, said:

“NetOP has an innovative business model, with patented technologies, that connects thousands of IoT devices for companies, cities and farmers. Combined with Kerlink’s global solutions, our end-to-end package will enable NetOP’s customers to deploy their own IoT networks with low capital expense.”

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