Laipac Technology Inc. launching the IoT Law Enforcement Bracelet S911 Enforcer

Laipac Technology Inc. launching the IoT Law Enforcement Bracelet S911 Enforcer

Laipac Technology Inc., a Richmond Hill, Ontario-based IoT technology development and design company, announced the S911 Enforcer, an IoT Smart Bracelet for Electronic Monitoring of Law Enforcement applications.

The S911 Enforcer is a wearable Law Enforcement Bracelet used for house arrest and restraining order applications, constructed with Laipac’s award-winning GPS technologies. The S911 Enforcer uses a powerful Cortex processor with high sensitivity GNSS (GPS & GLONASS) receiver. This innovated security wearable device is equipped with programable geofences which instantly notifies the supervisor with alerts when the holder of the S911 Enforcer enters or exits a geofence.

The S911 Enforcer is also equipped with a dedicated call button that can directly make two-way calls between the device holder and the designated call recipient. It has a loud-volume sound speaker and a sensitive microphone to ensure that calls and warning messages are heard.

For installation on a user, the S911 Enforcer has a security stainless-steel lock. Any tampering, unauthorized opening of the lock, or cutting of the wrist band will instantaneously trigger the tamper alert on Laipac’s IoT platform, The S911 Enforcer contains the most advanced technology for law enforcement monitoring applications compared to the traditional ankle bracelet. It has a ruggedized case material for maximum strength, durability, and is rated at IP68 for waterproof.

“We are very excited to launch our new S911 Enforcer to help to secure the electronic monitoring for law enforcement agencies. We hope our technologies can help to reduce the problems of overcrowded prisons,” said Diego Lai, Co-Founder and CEO of Laipac Technology Inc. “S911 Enforcer will be ready for sale in September 2018.”

S911 Enforcer can also pair with RF beacon for in-door detection. It meets and surpasses the requirements of law enforcement agencies for applications of parole monitoring, house arrest, restraining orders and zones exclusion. There is also an additional application for the S911 Enforcer to be used in Alzheimer patient monitoring.

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