G+D Mobile Security to Launch eSIM Ready Program in the US

G+D Mobile Security to Launch eSIM Ready Program in the US

G+D Mobile Security, the market leader in eSIM technology and experts on the eSIM ecosystem announce the launch of our eSIM Ready Program.

eSIM Ready offers both OEMs and MNOs a trusted independent party to confirm that devices are eSIM compatible. Successful completion of G+D’s interoperability testing means OEMs and MNOs can introduce eSIM enabled devices to the market with absolute confidence. G+D Mobile Security has supported many of the world’s leading OEMs and MNOs during these past few years with the launch and adoption of the eSIM and delivers unparalleled experience.

G+D Mobile Security’s eSIM Ready service will fill the complex task of end-to-end testing eSIM enabled devices in combination with MNOs and enable a quicker time to market. The eSIM Ready program promotes industry adoption of the eSIM for both consumer and hyper connected IoT devices. eSIM enabled devices can be tested for compliance to the current industry specification in G+D Mobile Security’s highly secure testing facility. Testing will include realistic use cases and real-time connectivity, offered in either online and offline levels. The eSIM Ready service is currently available for the US market. With more than thirty (30) Million live eSIMs and more than seventy-five (75) eSIM projects worldwide, G+D Mobile Security is the market leader in eSIM technologies.

“We are excited to continue to drive the mass adoption of eSIMs and provide the industry leading eSIM management platform,” says Edgar Salib, President and Americas Regional Head of G+D Mobile Security.

“G+D Mobile Security has extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in the eSIM ecosystem, and we are committed to furthering the next generation of connectivity for consumer and enterprise devices.”

For more information on eSIM Ready, please visit: https://mobile-security.gi-de.com/esimready.

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