Amazon and Google Leap Up the Rankings for U.S. IoT Projects

Amazon and Google Leap Up the Rankings for U.S. IoT Projects

IoT Vendor Competition Heats Up as IBM Chases down Operators.

“U.S. IoT Reality Check” report from Strategy Analytics finds an increasingly competitive environment for IoT vendors, in consideration for IoT projects by U.S. firms. While the complexity of managing legacy processes and juggling IoT platforms are growing pain points for U.S. firms.

Other key findings from the newly released U.S. analysis include:

  • Microsoft and Mobile Operators remain the top two vendors in consideration for IoT deployments among U.S. firms.
  • IBM is closing in on Mobile Operators, having improved to 3rd position, up from 5th in 2017.
  • Amazon has jumped into 5th position from outside the top 10 in 2017; while Google has also improved and now sits in the top 5 ranking.
  • Figure 1 illustrates the top 5 vendors considered for IoT deployments by U.S. firms, as ranked by IoT decision makers in 10 vertical markets.

Andrew Brown, Executive Director of Enterprise and IoT Research at Strategy Analytics, said:

“The major winners are those vendors that dominate the cloud business globally (Microsoft, Amazon, IBM and Google), as well as those that dominate the connection of distributed endpoints (Mobile Operators).”

Strategy Analytics top 5 IoT vendors US
Figure 1

Matt Wilkins, Senior Analyst, IoT Research at Strategy Analytics added:
“Winning the fight for market share in IoT will center on helping businesses meet their regulatory and compliance issues, while delivering business benefits and demonstrating a proven track record of bridging the gap between different platforms, vendors and legacy processes.”

The full report is available to subscribers here with future market reality checks for UK, France, Germany and China planned in the coming weeks.
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