Orion-Sequans Partnership Results in First Orion LTE-enabled Wearable

Orion-Sequans Partnership Results in First Orion LTE-enabled Wearable

Sequans Communications and Orion Labs, a leader in communication technology dedicated to connecting people and services through the power of voice, today announced that their strategic partnership to build Orion wearables based on LTE has resulted in the commercial availability of the first LTE-enabled Orion smart walkie-talkie, Orion Sync™.

Orion Labs and Sequans have been collaborating over the last 18 months to integrate Sequans’ LTE for IoT chips into Orion’s unique push-to-talk IoT wearables. The partnership was established to support Orion Labs’ strategy of developing wearable devices that can provide voice communications to other devices, people and bots, without the need to tether to a cell phone. The first Orion Sync device to become available, and announced today by Orion, is based on Sequans Calliope LTE Cat 1 technology, with the next devices to be based on Sequans Monarch LTE-M technology.

“Orion Sync is one of the most exciting new LTE for IoT wearables available in the market today,” said Georges Karam, Sequans CEO.

“As a smart walkie-talkie, it is in a category all by itself, with simple, yet extremely useful push-to-talk capabilities that bring real value to enterprises and small businesses that need instant access to their team members. Now enabled with ultra-reliable, everywhere-available LTE, Orion Sync will no doubt become an indispensable IoT wearable to many enterprises.”

“Our partnership with Sequans, who provides the world’s most highly optimized LTE for IoT chips, has yielded a powerful and reliable IoT wearable with unlimited range that will improve the efficiency and productivity of our customers in many industries,” said Jesse Robbins, Orion Labs CEO. “We are very excited and proud to introduce Orion Sync with Sequans inside.”

Orion Sync™ Product Description

Orion Sync is a compact device, measuring only 103mm x 66mm x 27mm that clips on to a wearer’s clothing or slips into a pocket. It includes LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS radios and an integrated antenna. It features a prominent push-to-talk button and additional buttons for EMR and action. Orion Sync also includes headphone and USB ports, an OLED display, a speaker with mute button, and a 12-hour battery.

Orion is using Sequans’ Calliope and Monarch LTE Platforms, members of Sequans’ StreamliteLTE family of products for the IoT. Calliope is optimized specifically for LTE Cat 1 applications needing up to 10 Mbps of throughput, and Monarch is optimized for LTE-M and NB-IoT applications.

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