TELUS ushers in next generation of IoT connectivity with LTE-M network

TELUS ushers in next generation of IoT connectivity with LTE-M network

Purpose-built, 5G-ready LTE-M network is available today across Canada.

TELUS is announcing the launch of its LTE-M low-power wide-area (LPWA) network, which is live today and provides the most comprehensive LTE-M coverage in Canada.

LTE-M coverage is available across British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada, plus major centres in Manitoba.

The TELUS LTE-M network delivers a strong wireless connection to IoT devices while requiring minimal power for each transmission, helping to prolong the battery life of connected devices. This is crucial for large-scale IoT deployments and devices located in remote areas as it saves time and maintenance resources while increasing device uptime. Whether it is a sensor in a farmer’s field to measure precise rainfall accumulation or a mobile tracking device that reports the location of a shipping container as it crosses the country, the TELUS LTE-M network provides secure, reliable connectivity for IoT deployments of any size.

TELUS’ LTE-M network is built on licensed cellular standards-based technology, which offers a higher quality of service, greater reliability and carrier-grade security.

TELUS’ LTE-M network is designed to be fully compatible with 5G technologies and will support low-power wide-area IoT applications such as smart cities, logistics and agriculture well into the 5G future.

“TELUS is committed to empowering the IoT ecosystem in Canada, from providing connectivity with a world-class LTE-M network to supporting the companies and developers that will create the innovative IoT solutions of the future,” said Michael Cihra, TELUS VP of IoT.

“TELUS’ network provides the most comprehensive LTE-M coverage in Canada, allowing for endless possibilities for IoT applications.”

“We can’t wait to see how our customers and developer partners leverage that power to improve Canadians’ lives with IoT technologies.”

IoT developers will play a key role in bringing Canada’s IoT ecosystem to life and TELUS is launching several tools to help developers drive Canadian innovation. These tools include:

  • TELUS LTE-M Starter Kit: this kit will enable developers and tech companies to rapidly prototype cellular connected IoT devices utilizing TELUS’s LTE-M network.
  • TELUS LTE-M Asset Monitor: a certified device that can plug into existing applications on day one to collect data such as location, motion, and temperature.
  • Certified LTE-M modules: a selection of low-cost LTE-M modules that are approved for use with the TELUS network to accelerate deployment.

Additionally, to promote the growth and success of the IoT industry in Canada, TELUS also announced the launch of the TELUS Technology Incubator. The Incubator’s first stream will focus on IoT startups and is operated in partnership with Calgary Technologies. Through the Incubator, TELUS will provide direct support to IoT startups, supplying access to both tools and industry experts to help bring their visions to life.

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