Einride, Ericsson, Telia launch self-driving electric truck powered by 5G

Einride, Ericsson, Telia launch self-driving electric truck powered by 5G

Self-driving electric trucks are now part of everyday life at logistics company DB Schenker’s storage area in Jönköping, Sweden. A co-operation between Telia Company, Ericsson and Einride using 5G technology has made the launch of the trucks possible.

The Swedish transport company Einride’s T-pod – an all-electric, autonomous truck – is now being used at a major storage facility in Jönköping. A co-operation between Einride, Telia Company and Ericsson using 5G technology has made the commissioning of the trucks, possible.

Mats Lundbäck, Chief Technology Officer, Telia Sweden, says:

“We are constructing a powerful ecosystem, together with our partners, to take advantage of the possibilities of 5G. It is a good example of how technology can create new business opportunities, save costs and also contribute to a more sustainable world. We have an exciting time in front of us.”

More autonomous transports coming

5G technology, with high capacity and low latency, will be a key building block in the future transport system. Einride claims that, in the long run, their T-pod and autonomous transport system could replace more than 60 percent of today’s transports with competitive and sustainable alternatives.

“Einride’s goal is to lead a sustainable transformation of the freight transport sector. And while we do this, security must remain our highest priority. 5G offers the connectivity and reliability required to safely launch T-pods on public roads, which, in turn, will reduce carbon dioxide emissions and completely eliminate nitrogen oxides,” says Robert Falck, CEO and founder of Einride.

Einride has joined Telia Company’s 5G Partner Program which provides an innovation environment where the partners have opportunities to explore technical and business opportunities connected to 5G.

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