Software AG Enhances and Extends Low-Code IoT Apps

Software AG Enhances and Extends Low-Code IoT Apps

Software AG today announced the availability of new functionality that allows business users to enhance and extend Cumulocity IoT using the webMethods Dynamic Apps Platform to rapidly build process-driven, intelligent, low-code IoT (Internet of Things) apps.

Subhash Ramachandran, SVP Product Management and Marketing, noted:
“While new sensor, mobile and wireless technologies are driving the evolution of IoT, the true business value of IoT lies in a business’s ability to take advantage of data and analytics arising from these hardware devices to create apps that can extract meaningful insights and transform them into brilliant customer experiences.”

Using Cumulocity IoT, customers have a low-code, open, device-agnostic platform that supports more than 150 pre-integrated devices, and ensures that secure connectivity and management of any ‘thing’ can be achieved quickly and easily.

Using webMethods Dynamic Apps (Agile Edition), business users get a low-code app creation platform with visual design tools that include: drag and drop modelers, point and click interface creation, process modelers and business rules. Dynamic Apps customers can visually configure and use Cumulocity IoT data sources in their low-code apps, thus allowing them to run operational processes across their company. The information generated from these apps then enables the business user to make smarter business decisions based on ’actionable events,’ which could improve customer support and enhance service levels with their connected ‘things.’

Ramachandran further noted:

“The true power of IoT is unleashed when it’s combined with smart operational technology that monitors, measures, reports and triggers ‘actionable events.’ These actionable events could include preventative maintenance, where low code IoT apps can be quickly developed to track when maintenance is needed for key high-value equipment – from servers to power plants to connected cars and aircraft.”

“Notably, it is the ‘actionable event’ that makes the difference and creates competitive differentiation and customer value by orchestrating an app workflow that manages the event from cradle to grave and allows an enterprise to assign ownership, as well as track the action as it moves toward resolution.”

For businesses, this means they can flip their service business around and, with low-code IoT apps, focus more time on, for example, predictive and preventative service, thus getting ahead of potential device issues or downtime. This dramatically increases customer satisfaction and retention levels.

Although it makes sense to get ahead of issues by operationalizing information coming from devices, to actually accomplish this has been really hard because:

  • IoT enabled devices in different industries communicate using various protocols,
  • Devices generate vast amounts of event data from real-time sensors,
  • Specialized software was needed to aggregate, correlate and analyze the data, and
  • It has taken too long to build applications that allow business to operationalize events with actions.

However, by reducing the amount of hand-coding and using visually configured logic and integrations instead, Software AG is enabling the rapid creation of low code apps to create transformative IoT solutions.

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