New Verizon Developer Toolkit Makes IoT Projects Easy for Amazon Web Services Users

New Verizon Developer Toolkit Makes IoT Projects Easy for Amazon Web Services Users

New DevKit Leverages Verizon’s ThingSpace Platform for Secure Connectivity and Swift Deployment.

Verizon today announced a new Internet of Things (IoT) development toolkit using Verizon’s ThingSpace platform and powered by Amazon FreeRTOS.

Verizon’s ThingSpace platform is designed to make it easier for developers, OEM manufacturers, and System Integrator companies to develop IoT solutions that can leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) and connect to AWS IoT Core.

The DevKit provides an integrated ordering and activation experience on the Verizon network, and simplified access to AWS Cloud and IoT Services. Enterprises can quickly collect, manage, and analyze data from IoT devices through the ThingSpace platform, which also makes it easier for users to subscribe and manage their IoT devices, and perform lifecycle functions such as location, diagnostics and software management services.

AWS and Verizon have entered in a strategic relationship in the IoT space with the aim of reducing complexity in bringing new IoT solutions to the market with Verizon ThingSpace platform and AWS IoT Services. This DevKit is the first in a planned series as part of the ThingSpace Cloud Connectors program, which aims to simplify integration with IoT developers’ existing cloud service providers.

“Instead of spending a lot of time struggling to manage IoT connections and network options, this DevKit allows customers to focus on IoT solution development for improved intelligence and business performance, knowing that the underlying connectivity is sorted,” said Shawn Hakl, senior vice president, business products at Verizon.

“Verizon’s Secure Cloud Interconnect (SCI) solution allows companies to connect securely and reliably to AWS, so they can quickly get their IoT solutions up and running. It’s about opening up the potential of IoT to everyone.”

Plaban Patra, IoT Evangelist at Tech Mahindra, an early user of the DevKit says:
“This DevKit is an ideal way for developers to start their first IoT project. The quick start guide helps users configure the kit and start running on AWS with little programming knowledge.”

Verizon’s IoT strategy centers on leveraging the company’s IoT network services to deliver cost-effective, secure, end-to-end connectivity from IoT devices to enterprise data bases. Additionally, Verizon simplifies the customer experience with ThingSpace, an easy management platform for both endpoint devices and IoT applications providing a single view of the entire IoT ecosystem. Verizon will look to partner with IoT solutions providers to leverage best-in-class technology to global enterprises.

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