LORIOT Leverages Kerlink’s Wanesy Geolocation Services To Offer IoT Location Solution in 130+ Countries

LORIOT Leverages Kerlink’s Wanesy Geolocation Services To Offer IoT Location Solution in 130+ Countries

Land-Based, Low-Power Location Technology for Indoor and Outdoor Applications Can Be Installed Remotely on Internet of Things Devices.

Kerlink and LORIOT, a leading global provider of LoRaWAN™ and IoT infrastructure software, today announced they will offer Kerlink’s geolocation service to LORIOT’s worldwide customers.

The Swiss startup has provided LoRa-based low-power, wide-area (LPWA) network-server solutions to customers in more than 130 countries in partnership with leading national and international IoT companies. With this agreement, LORIOT will provide Kerlink’s Wanesy™ Geolocation technology, which allows precise location of end-devices without GPS, as a remotely installed value-added services add-on to LORIOT’s customers in those countries.

LoRaWAN™ networks use trilateration, a process of determining absolute or relative locations of points by measurement of distances, using the geometry of circles, spheres or triangles, to geolocate end-devices. It relies on three or more access gateways receiving signals (or frames) from a LoRaWAN end-device. Each payload received is precisely time stamped on reception by the gateway and all carrier-grade LoRaWAN stations’ internal clocks are highly synchronized to optimize the stamp accuracy. Using the exact position of each network access gateway and the nanosecond differences between signal receptions, the time difference of arrival (TDoA), an expert algorithm can precisely calculate the location of a LoRaWAN end-device.

“This partnership with LORIOT will enable the worldwide deployment of our LoRaWAN Wanesy Geolocation solution and highlights its flexible compatibility with any type of LoRaWAN infrastructure already deployed to quickly deliver value-added and scalable services,” said Didier Larrieu, vice president of Kerlink’s Advanced Services business unit.

“This innovative technology can locate static or mobile end-devices indoors or outside without a dedicated infrastructure or the high energy consumption required by satellite-based GPS. This makes it well suited for many use cases that call for cost-efficient operation and long battery life.”

Asset tracking and security in harbors, airports and industrial sites, livestock tracking, and safety, construction-site monitoring and warehouse pallet identification are among the many common use cases for Kerlink’s geolocation solution.

“Kerlink’s geolocation capability is a significant addition to our portfolio of third-party, out-of-box, IoT services,” said Julian Studer, CFO and co-founder of LORIOT. “Delivered remotely, through our existing distributed-server infrastructure, Kerlink’s geolocation technology is a vital and cost-saving add-on for our customers around the world.”

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