IoT Will Represent 83% of the Entire AI Chipsets Market by 2023

IoT Will Represent 83% of the Entire AI Chipsets Market by 2023

According to a new report available on, the convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and solutions (AIoT) is leading to thinking networks and systems that are becoming increasingly more capable of solving a wide range of problems across a diverse number of industry verticals.

AI adds value to IoT through machine learning and improved decision making. IoT adds value to AI through connectivity, signaling, and data exchange.

While early solutions are rather monolithic, it is anticipated that AIoT integration within businesses and industries will ultimately lead to more sophisticated and valuable inter-business and cross-industry solutions.

These solutions will focus primarily upon optimizing system and network operations as well as extracting value from industry data through dramatically improved analytics and decision making processes.

Select Findings:

  • IoT will represent 83% of the entire AI chipsets market by 2023
  • Global AI in embedded IoT devices market will approach $26.2B USD by 2023
  • The Global general AI market will reach $50.8 billion USD by 2023 with 42% CAGR
  • Total AI driven networking solution market is expected to reach $5.8 billion by 2023
  • Over 50% of the enterprise organizations will leverage AI technology for networking by 2023

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