Quectel Announces New Family of LPWA Modules Based on Qualcomm 9205 LTE Modem

Quectel Announces New Family of LPWA Modules Based on Qualcomm 9205 LTE Modem

Quectel Wireless Solutions, announced today that it has launched a new family of multi-mode Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) modules BG95 and BG77 based on the Qualcomm® 9205 LTE IoT modem.

As one of the first global providers scheduled to deliver cellular modules based on the new modem, Quectel will help developers bring IoT solutions to commercialization faster and more efficiently.

BG95 is a series of global multi-mode Cat M1, Cat NB2 and EGPRS modules with integrated GNSS capabilities, fully compliant with 3GPP R14 specification. It provides the same footprint as its predecessor BG96 and software API compatibility, which allows seamless migration for all customers that have designed IoT solutions based on the successful BG96 module. Quectel BG96 will continue to be supplied and supported in the future. An ultra-compact module BG77 will be also available, which measures approximately 14mm x 15mm while delivering similar features and performance.

By leveraging the integrated ARM Cortex A7 processor supporting ThreadX as well as adequate RAM and flash, BG95 will allow designers to save on the cost of an MCU and PCB space. Up to 70% reduction in PSM leakage as well as 85% reduction in eDRX current compared to its predecessor, makes BG95 an ultra-low power consumption module in its class.

BG95 also boosts a comprehensive set of hardware-based security features including secure boot, secure debug, secure file system and secure key provision, and enables trusted applications to run directly on the Cortex A7 TrustZone engine.

Thanks to Quectel’s proven success stories in different IoT verticals, extensive and comprehensive networking protocol stack, and global spectrum availability, BG95 and BG77 are expected to enable a variety of products covering a wide range of applications such as Smart Metering, Asset Tracking, AVL, Health, Vending Machines and more. Offering VoLTE feature makes them an ideal choice for Lightweight Voice Terminal as well Emergency Push Button device whereby can help those in need of getting timely help.

BG95 and BG77 will debut at Quectel Stand #2115 during CES2019.

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