PodM2M Announces IoT Security Monitoring and Threat Detection as Standard on all Connectivity Products

PodM2M Announces IoT Security Monitoring and Threat Detection as Standard on all Connectivity Products

Pod Protect uses machine learning to detect anomalies and secure IoT networks from increasingly sophisticated security threats.

PodM2M (a division of Pod Group) will launch at CES 2019 this week its advanced IoT monitoring and threat detection solution, Pod Protect, now included as standard on all its IoT connectivity products.

Security is one of the biggest barriers to the uptake of IoT solutions, and with hackers becoming more sophisticated, the risks are increasing. Securing devices in the field is problematic, particularly with large scale, global deployments. Pod Protect enables constant monitoring of the IoT network, using a machine learning algorithm and layered approach to combat even the most sophisticated attacks, enabling users to detect threats before they affect IoT devices and react quickly to protect their network.

The solution is quickly and easily installed via a probe on the network, without the need for an agent on the device side. Once installed, it uses a three-layered threat detection strategy, including signature-based and anomaly-based monitoring and heuristics to detect suspicious device behavior. False positives are reduced by using a machine-learning algorithm to analyze normal device behavior and compare this with a global sensor network, making the solution sensitive enough to pick up even the smallest indication that a hacker may be lying latent on the network.

“IoT devices are notoriously hard to secure, due to their small form factor and limited computational power,” explains Sam Colley, CEO Pod Group USA. “Software patching of devices can be costly and risky, especially if devices are deployed across a wide geographical area. For this reason, we are delighted to provide Pod Protect as standard on all our connectivity packages at no extra cost.”

“Pod Protect provides a layer of security across the whole IoT network, by enabling constant monitoring of data transmissions for billions of devices in real time.”

“This will allow our customers to scale their IoT deployments securely, as well as providing access to real-time threat databases to ensure detection of the latest threats and in-depth analytics via an intuitive dashboard on our platform.”

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