Cubic Telecom Partners with Panasonic Automotive to Deliver Connected Motorcycle Technology Throughout 54 Countries

Cubic Telecom Partners with Panasonic Automotive to Deliver Connected Motorcycle Technology Throughout 54 Countries Across North America and Europe

Cubic Telecom, today announced at CES® 2019, that it has extended its partnership with Panasonic to Panasonic Automotive Systems of America (PASA) to power worldwide connectivity for Panasonic Automotive customers across North America and Europe.

Cubic Telecom works with global companies to support their IoT solutions and to manage their connectivity needs.

Through Cubic Telecom’s PACE Platform, Panasonic Automotive can access leading-edge advanced connectivity analytics, a SIM inventory management portal and a full range of customer care services. PACE optimizes Panasonic Automotive’s advanced modem technologies and supports the automation of business processes. With a single SKU solution across multiple regions, Cubic will enable connectivity and global Subscription Management Secure Routing (SM-SR) services in 54 countries worldwide for Panasonic Automotive and its customers.

“We are excited to partner with Panasonic Automotive, which is a global leader in automotive technologies. We are collaborating with Panasonic Automotive to support the delivery of future-proof connected technology solutions for its clients,” said Barry Napier, Cubic Telecom CEO. “We are also working with Panasonic Automotive to offer connectivity management solutions for a broader range of markets and vehicle categories.”

Panasonic issued the following news today at CES® 2019 detailing the partnership: Panasonic Automotive Connects LiveWire™, Harley-Davidson’s First Electric Motorcycle

“Panasonic Automotive strives to offer value-added quality solutions for our category-leading clients. By partnering with Cubic Telecom, we have accelerated development and have taken a leap forward to the most advanced solution available in the industry today,” said David Taylor, Executive Director, Product Strategy and Business Development at Panasonic Automotive Systems.

“We have no doubt that our telematics solution will revolutionize and drive innovation in connected vehicle technologies for the future.”

Panasonic has delivered its in-vehicle infotainment equipment to major global automakers for more than 65 years.

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