LoRa Alliance Passes 100 LoRaWAN™ Network Operator Milestone with Coverage in 100 Countries

LoRa Alliance Passes 100 LoRaWAN™ Network Operator Milestone with Coverage in 100 Countries

Growth of More Than 60% in 2018.

The LoRa Alliance™ today announced that it has experienced explosive growth in 2018, exceeding the 100 LoRaWAN network operators milestone globally at the end of December.

Wider availability of LoRaWAN networks makes it easier than ever to deploy IoT solutions leveraging existing infrastructure, allowing products and solutions to be offered and connected now.

More than 100 network operators have deployed and operate LoRaWAN networks, which are both public and private, significantly broadening the technology’s reach. This flexibility is a unique differentiator of LoRaWAN compared with other LPWAN technologies. In addition, the number of end-devices connected to LoRaWAN networks is reported to have tripled since the beginning of the year, which demonstrates significant acceleration of adoption compared with other technologies yet to achieve such an expansive footprint.

“Reaching this operator milestone is a major achievement for the LoRa Alliance,” said Donna Moore, CEO and Chairwoman of the LoRa Alliance.

“Only LoRaWAN has strong, established networks with broad coverage areas, while also offering the private network option. For companies looking to launch IoT products and solutions today, the LoRaWAN standard is the only viable solution. Features like firmware updates over the air and the fact that LoRaWAN is an open specification with a robust certification program ensure network and device interoperability. These benefits give confidence to the market that companies are future-proofed and can deploy solutions today with assurance they will work in the future.”

LoRaWAN networks are being actively deployed globally, with the Asia-Pacific and European regions showing the most growth, at 30% and 50%, respectively, throughout 2018. Regional specifications are established in all key regions with additional regions being added continuously. The total operator investment in LoRaWAN is significant on a global basis, offering compelling proof that network operators are making a long-term commitment to the LoRaWAN standard and supporting the market demand for IoT applications.

LoRaWAN network coverage map

Ronan Le Bras, Head of Technical Strategy – Wireless Networks – Orange:

“Orange is pleased to see the growth of the LoRaWAN ecosystem and the adoption of this open and interoperable standard in all parts of the world. Orange selected LoRaWAN™ for its first network dedicated to the IoT in 2016 to address sensors and other affordable objects consuming little energy. The Orange LoRaWAN network covers over 30,000 municipalities and 95% of the population of Metropolitan France. In 2018, Orange Slovakia launched a service using LoRaWAN for Smart Cities use cases. And to support its international customers and French companies with needs outside of France, Orange Business Services launched on-premise LoRaWAN connectivity suitable for a range of applications especially in smart cities and industry, including energy and fluid management, on-site tracking, geo-fencing, waste control, environmental metering, lighting and parking monitoring.”

Abel Camargo, Senior Director of Strategy & New Business Development – American Tower Brazil:

“American Tower’s (ATC’s) LoRaWAN-based network in Brazil already covers the metro areas of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte. These large markets are responsible for around 24% of the Brazilian GDP, and ATC plans to continue rolling out this network to cover 50% of the Brazilian GDP, or approximately 80 cities, by mid-2019. Brazil is a key component of ATC’s global innovation strategy and a crucial market in Latin America. We believe we can continue to play a key role in the deployment of telecommunications infrastructure to support advanced use cases for a number of years to come.”

Bruce Chatterley, CEO – Senet:

“As a founding and contributing member of the LoRa Alliance, Senet is excited about this milestone. This is yet another proof point of how the open ecosystem and technical superiority of LoRaWAN have driven it to become a leading IoT communications technology. Leveraging these technical and ecosystem benefits, Senet offers cloud-based network operating platforms and network delivery services for the on-demand build-out of global LoRaWAN connectivity, coupled with the the tools needed to on-board and manage connected devices with the scale and security required by enterprise IoT applications. These platforms are being used today to operate the largest public carrier-grade LoRaWAN network in North America and deliver network coverage and connectivity readiness in over 80 countries. We look forward to supporting the LoRa Alliance and contributing to its expanding ecosystem in our collective efforts to achieve another record-setting year for LoRaWAN.”

Ali Hosseini, Founder & CEO – SenRa:

“LoRaWAN has seen tremendous interest and growth in India in the past year. In that market alone we already provide network coverage in 30 cities to support IoT applications such as smart metering, smart parking, and smart waste management solutions and see no signs of this slowing as we enter 2019.”

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