Murata and Truphone Collaborate to Enable eSim in Low Power Cellular Modules for IoT

Murata and Truphone Collaborate to Enable eSim in Low Power Cellular Modules for IoT

Murata and Truphone have announced an industry changing collaboration to integrate their technologies and services in order to lead innovation in eSIM for Internet of Things (IoT) / Machine-to-Machine (M2M) devices.

Using technology from STMicroelectronics and Truphone, Murata has built a low power cellular module for the world of IoT/M2M devices. Murata’s technology has a wide range of IoT applications and delivers a small, low-power cellular module that reduces power consumption—making it ideal for battery-powered devices, lowering the cost of prod3uction, and freeing up space for device makers.

The Murata module uses an ST33 M2M eSIM from ST, which offers a fully compliant GSMA solution for M2M remote SIM provisioning. The eSIM comes in a Wafer Level Chip Scale Package (WLCSP), a tiny package that allows the module to be smaller, less obtrusive and better integrated into whatever environment it may be operating in.

The module also contains an STM32L4 microcontroller that provides a handful of module-management functions, including the full NBIoT and CATM1 protocol stack.

For its part, Truphone is enabling the module to connect out of the box to low power wide area technologies in multiple countries using its industry-leading bootstrap connectivity technology. Truphone has also provided its GSMA-accredited M2M remote SIM provisioning system which, in combination with the bootstrap connectivity, allows the device to fetch a SIM profile from any other mobile operator for ongoing local connectivity.

Steve Alder, Chief Business Development Officer at Truphone said:
“One barrier to mass adoption of IoT is the complexity device makers face in connecting their devices. This collaboration with Murata brings together all the elements, packaged together in a way that allows device makers to get connected simply and efficiently.”

“With Truphone’s global bootstrap connectivity and remote SIM provisioning, device makers can manufacture a single worldwide model type, and then configure the device over the air to allow it to connect locally, wherever it is unboxed.”

Jim Philip, Sr. Marketing Manager at Murata said:
“The world of IoT devices is broad and complex, and especially so for narrow-band technologies. With this module, and the integration of technology from Truphone and ST, we’re simplifying the supply chain for anyone in the IoT market who wants powerful connectivity, cost saving hardware and a geographical footprint to keep up with their business.”

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