Tekelek LoRa tank monitoring technology deployed by Picoty in France

Tekelek LoRa tank monitoring technology deployed by Picoty in France

Picoty deploys advanced fuel tank monitoring solution from Tekelek to optimize business operations.

Tekelek, a leading developer and manufacturer of IoT telemetry products and solutions, today announced the launch of a large-scale deployment of LoRa-connected ultrasonic sensors with Picoty in France.

Under the contract, Tekelek will supply Picoty with the recently developed LoRaWAN Tank Sensor which is a flexible and configurable battery-operated liquid sensor with an integrated LoRaWAN radio. It is the first among such SMART tank monitoring devices to be deployed to the European fuel oil distribution market and will enable Picoty to monitor tanks across its group of 27 affiliates in Western France.

The Picoty Group, one of France’s largest fuel distribution companies, provisions fuel, gas, lubricants, ad blue and additives to tens of thousands of tanks in France. The project will use the LoRa network and data platform of Objenious, part of the Bouygues Telecom group.

“We have chosen Tekelek for their deep experience developing accurate and robust tank sensors,” said Mathias Schildt – Growth Development Director and Isabelle Bodecot Chief Product Manager.

“Together with Objenious, which operates the largest LoRa network in France so far, they have put together a compelling solution that allows us to monitor both over-ground and underground tanks throughout France, with excellent quality and battery life.”

“This solution enables us to better organise more efficient deliveries, reduce our carbon footprint, and optimise our logistics. We can offer this solution to a wider range of customers than before due to the cost and battery performance advantages of LoRa, meaning our customers are assured a reliable, efficient and timely fuel delivery service.”

Oliver McCarthy, General Manager says:
“This is an exciting time at Tekelek. We are delighted to engage with Picoty and this deployment in France highlights the opportunity that SMART tank monitoring technology offers. Traditionally, cost of investment has prevented the widespread deployment of tank monitoring units to homes and businesses. Tekelek’s new LoRaWAN Level Monitors infrastructure is based on an ultra-low-power, long-range LoRaWAN network. The advantages of a low-cost network infrastructure, long life battery and low maintenance costs makes large scale monitoring now an affordable and profitable investment for groups such as Picoty.”

Tekelec Smart Tank SensorThe TEK766 LoRaWAN Monitor has the following key features and benefits:

  • Real time data analytics
  • Remote configurability
  • 14-year battery life
  • Flexible liquid level measurement solution i.e. fuel oil, water, chemicals, lubricants, liquid fertiliser etc.
  • Spot and continuous inventory management

“Today, thanks to this SMART solution, which is easy to install and flexible, fuel oil stakeholders’ benefit from numerous advantages, at a lower cost Oliver”, says McCarthy, General Manager at Tekelek.

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