Sprint Curiosity™ IoT Estimation Tool Gives Businesses Simplified IoT Data Pricing

Sprint Curiosity™ IoT Estimation Tool Gives Businesses Simplified IoT Data Pricing

New Curiosity™ IoT Estimation Tool Revolutionizes IoT Project Planning by Providing Customized Pricing Estimates for IoT Data Services.

Sprint has launched the Curiosity™ IoT Estimation Tool, the industry’s first interactive online estimation tool which allows small and medium-size business (SMB), as well as enterprise customers, immediate access to customized Sprint Curiosity™ IoT data pricing.

Curiosity™ IoT Estimation Tool: Transparent Pricing to Accelerate IoT Initiatives

No matter what kind of IoT data services are needed, the Sprint Curiosity™ IoT Estimation Tool allows users to select one or several features to create custom pricing information.

  • Custom APNs – Unique Access Point Names for IoT Devices
  • SMS Alerts – Get SMS real-time alerts and notifications when devices are triggered
  • VPN Access – Connect IoT devices through a specific VPN
  • Device Management – Over-the-air device management and configuration
  • Static IP – Permanent fixed IP address capabilities
  • Data Management – Data services for the aggregation, storage and management of IoT data

The estimation tool also provides international IoT data rates in six different regions around the world to help global organizations plan and build IoT solutions.

Ivo Rook, senior vice president of IoT and product development for Sprint, said:

“Confusing pricing is one of the main pain points in the industry, which is why we developed this estimation tool. Regardless of which IoT planning stage you’re in, this tool quickly and easily shows customized pricing by gigabyte for our leading IoT data services.”

“By showing our customers exactly what they need to budget for IoT data services, it eliminates the guess work and highlights the confidence we have in our IoT data pricing. We are the first company to develop a tool that shows customized pricing and we are confident this will be very helpful to organizations around the world.”

Once an estimation is completed by a customer, it is sent to a dedicated Sprint IoT sales team member who is able to quickly turn the estimation into a quote which streamlines the process of implementing the IoT data solution. The estimation tool also helps businesses rapidly scale IoT solutions by showing pricing estimates for adding any number of devices and services without the need to go back and forth with a sales team.

Curiosity™ IoT with 5G: Driving the Connected Device Revolution

Sprint 5G and Curiosity are creating the new standard in IoT which features device data intelligence, over-the-air device management and chip-to-cloud security. When coupled with Sprint’s blazing-fast, high-capacity mobile 5G service, Curiosity IoT’s dedicated, distributed and virtualized IoT core network will be capable of supporting artificial intelligence, robotics, edge computing, autonomous vehicles and other IoT systems requiring extreme low-latency and high-bandwidth.

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