Pod Group Announces Strategic Partnership with Arm to Enhance eUICC Solution

Pod Group Announces Strategic Partnership with Arm to Enhance eUICC Solution

Pod Group today announced a strategic partnership with Arm which will enable it to significantly enhance its eUICC solution.

The agreement will allow Pod Group, a connectivity player in the IoT market since 1999, to incorporate intelligent SIM applets from its Pod Profile into the eUICC solution provided by the Arm® Kigen™ service, enabling the SIM to perform advanced functions which can be controlled remotely Over The Air (OTA).

The applets developed by Pod Group’s dedicated R&D team add unique functionality to the eUICC and are designed to resolve specific issues faced by many OEMs and IoT applications developers when devices are in the field and difficult to troubleshoot.

The Pod Profile is a SIMalliance compliant interoperable profile package which can be included on any eUICC compatible chip and updated OTA to control all aspects of the solution including service management and quality, roaming functionality, security and fraud prevention. This enables the eUICC to act as the nerve centre for the device, giving users complete control over eSIM profiles and the possibility to continually update eUICC functionality by adding new applets over time. Adding this intelligence to the eUICC is particularly important for remote and mission critical applications, since it effectively future-proofs the devices, meaning they can remain in the field for many years without the need for physical intervention.

Charles Towers-Clark, CEO of Pod Group commented:
“The future of connected devices depends on the development of open eSIM standards that enable interoperability between network operators, hardware manufacturers and solutions providers. Our eUICC strategy has been to create an agnostic solution which will give users the flexibility to manage their connectivity, future-proof their devices and add intelligent applets as required, without being tied-in to one connectivity provider.”

“As we move towards a world of a trillion connected devices, it’s crucial that cellular devices have reliable and scalable connectivity and can be easily deployed in different locations,” said Paul Williamson, VP and GM, Emerging Business Group at Arm.

“The Arm Kigen™ technology unlocks new levels of IoT integration, enabling Pod Group to offer secure cellular IoT connectivity at scale.”

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