ORBCOMM Launches Enhanced Web Platform and Latest Telematics Devices for Heavy Equipment Industry

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Advanced technology improves maintenance practices, utilization and operational efficiencies for mining and construction equipment customers worldwide.

ORBCOMM Inc. today announced that it will launch its enhanced web platform and latest telematics devices targeted for the heavy equipment industry at Bauma, the world’s largest trade show for construction machinery, in Munich, Germany, this week.

ORBCOMM’s new solutions enable faster, more reliable monitoring of mining and construction equipment in remote locations, management of mixed fleets on a single data platform and advanced analytics and diagnostics to improve maintenance practices, utilization and operational efficiencies. In recognition of its leadership in heavy equipment telematics, ORBCOMM was recently honored by Frost & Sullivan with the 2018 North American Company of the Year Award.

ORBCOMM will unveil the latest version of FleetEdge, its integrated heavy equipment telematics solution, which now supports the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) 2.0/ISO-15143-3 telematics standard. With AEMP 2.0 support, FleetEdge can capture and process a much broader range of data points and numerous error codes, including engine temperature, fuel level, idle times and average power percentage, regardless of equipment OEM or machine type. This capability allows mixed fleet managers to generate a consolidated view of utilization, fuel consumption, maintenance state and other key parameters across the entire fleet, jobsites and other locations on a single platform.

ORBCOMM’s new hardware solutions include the GT 1020, a compact all-in-one telematics device designed for asset tracking applications in mining, construction and other demanding environments. Equipped with 4G LTE, GPS and integrated antennas, the GT 1020 can withstand extreme weather and environmental conditions for uninterrupted connections and constant operation. The GT 1020 is easy-to-install and can be discreetly deployed on vehicles and equipment to help prevent theft and tampering. The GT 1020 supports an optional CAN Bus interface, enabling advanced vehicle reporting, analytics and diagnostics. An integrated rechargeable battery allows reporting for up to nine months without an external power supply, depending on the reporting frequency. The device is available as part of ORBCOMM’s FleetEdge application with APIs to facilitate integration with proprietary and third-party systems.

ORBCOMM will also be showcasing the enhanced PT 7000, a rugged monitoring and control device for heavy equipment, which now supports 4G LTE. The dual-mode cellular and satellite device already supports operations in the most remote locations, and the addition of 4G LTE communication capabilities makes real-time tracking and control faster, more convenient and more comprehensive.

In addition, whether using standard AEMP data or data from deeper OEM-specific integration, ORBCOMM’s new analytic, predictive and diagnostic tools allow users to mine data for improved maintenance practices and other digital efficiencies. The valuable data, along with usable ROI-driven insights, can be viewed and managed on the FleetEdge platform via the mobile app or on users’ own enterprise applications via a simple API integration.

“ORBCOMM is continuing to enhance its heavy equipment solutions portfolio to meet the evolving needs of its global customers and support further digitization in mining and construction equipment management,” said Christian Allred, ORBCOMM’s Senior Vice President & General Manager, International Sales.

“We are committed to continuing to drive higher levels of productivity and efficiency across the global heavy equipment industry, which supports our long-time market leadership in this space.”

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