Cisco and Snam sign agreement on IoT technologies

Cisco and Snam sign agreement on IoT technologies

Cisco and Snam, Europe’s leading natural gas utility, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop joint research, development and innovation initiatives in the Industrial Internet of Things sector and train future generations of “digital” professionals.

The agreement was signed by Marco Alverà, CEO of Snam, Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco Inc. and Agostino Santoni, CEO of Cisco Italia, in the presence of Cosma Panzacchi, Snam Digital Transformation & Technology Executive Vice President.

Companies will work together to create innovative Internet of Things technology solutions for infrastructure (Industrial Internet of Things for networks) and provide training for workers and students to prepare them for the “digital” professions of the future.

Cisco and Snam will potentially partner to develop smart 4.0 sensors that will optimize the monitoring and maintenance of infrastructures, state-of-the-art Fog Computing technologies and new connectivity systems aimed at making energy networks more intelligent and efficient. This will in turn generate positive impact for communities, allowing for the potential creation of new services related to the circular economy, environmental sustainability and safety.

With regards to training, companies will promote digital and general development courses aimed at both the professional world and schools, with a particular focus on topics such as data science, artificial intelligence and robotics.

“Snam has a strong tradition of using technology to create a positive impact within the communities in which it operates. To support this commitment, Cisco is proud to work in partnership with Snam to enable its digital transformation, supporting the company in making its energy network increasingly sustainable, using cutting-edge technologies, IoT, 5G and artificial intelligence”, commented Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco.

Snam CEO, Marco Alverà, said:

“This agreement marks a further step forward for Snam’s digital transformation process. Our goal is to seize the opportunities offered by new technologies to drive the energy transition, making our network increasingly intelligent, through IoT systems, machine learning and the use of drones, satellites and sensors to optimize infrastructure monitoring and management.”

“Innovation is one of the key pillars of the Snamtec project, in which we will invest 850 million euros by 2022 to build an energy company of the future which is more digital, sustainable and closer to local communities.”

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