Quectel Leads the Way to 5G with Broad Module Portfolio

Quectel Leads the Way to 5G with Broad Module Portfolio

Quectel Wireless Solutions has shared the company’s views on mainstream 5G IoT applications, the challenges faced by device makers as well as how to tackle these issues from the perspective of a module vendor at the 53rd IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) held 20-24 May, 2019 in Shanghai.

“We have built up a broad module portfolio to support and future-proof customers’ IoT deployment in the age of 5G,” said Doron Zhang, Senior Vice President, Quectel when delivering a speech at the conference.

“As is known to all, different IoT verticals have significantly different requirements on data rate, interface, operating environment and cost, so the best solution is to develop different types of modules which can satisfy various market demands at optimized cost.”

Zhang furthered explained that industrial control requires low latency, cloud VR demands both low latency and high throughput, the automotive sector is much stricter in quality control processes, while certain industries are very sensitive with module prices. Therefore, it is quite difficult to develop a “one-for-all” module to enable all smart industries, and this is the very reason why Quectel continues to grow its portfolio.

Take the 5G product line for example, Quectel has rolled out industrial-grade 5G modules in February, including the standard 5G NR modules RG500Q/RG510Q in LGA form factor and RM500Q/RM510Q in M.2 form factor, which could be used in fixed wireless access, laptop, public security and more. However, these are not acceptable for our Tier 1 and automaker customers, so Quectel is developing “5G NR + C-V2X” module AG550Q and planning more products for the automotive sector.

During a panel discussion hosted by Huang Yuhong, Deputy Director of China Mobile Research Institute, Zhang talked with experts from Bosch and Top-Smart on how to integrate 5G modules and devices with existing equipment deployed in vertical industries.

“5G will bring a ‘sea change’ to the whole society. I believe Quectel’s rich products and robust supply chain will meet diversified requirements of vertical segments. Also, Quectel is always willing to provide customers support ranging from initial design concept to final production to help them simplify design and accelerate the time-to-market,” according to Zhang.

Moreover, Quectel has been proactively cooperating with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), standardization firms, accredited test laboratories, Communication Regulatory Authorities (CRA), governments and many other organizations. This has given Quectel to build up a trustworthy mechanism hence customers can use the modules in their designs confidently.

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