Semtech Supports Deployment of Birdz’s New LoRaWAN®-based Water Metering Network

Semtech Supports Deployment of Birdz’s New LoRaWAN®-based Water Metering Network

LoRa-based smart water meters help automate reading operations and improve overall efficiency.

Semtech Corporation announced that Birdz, a subsidiary of Nova Veolia and a global leader in optimized resource management, is continuing its use of LoRa® devices and wireless radio technology for future deployments of its smart meters.

Xavier Mathieu, CEO at Birdz, said:

“Semtech’s LoRa Technology is perfectly suited for smart water metering solutions due to its deep indoor and long range performance and low power consumption.”

LoRa-based metering sensors can be deployed into existing infrastructure either outdoors or indoors and offer strong connectivity in dense city settings. Birdz offers the ability to integrate Internet of Things (IoT) services and devices in the network, such as water leak detectors, fire hydrant monitors and water quality probes. By utilizing LoRaWAN®-based networks, we will provide better coverage and grow existing networks to connect even more devices to meet our customers’ needs.”

Birdz’s smart metering solutions provide long-range connectivity and report usage data. Utility companies utilize the data to improve operational efficiency and customer service. Birdz has announced it expects to deploy over three million LoRa-enabled smart water meters across France by the next decade.

In 2015, Eau du Grand Lyon (France) implemented a smart water network using Birdz’s smart water sensors (meters and noise correlators) integrated with LoRa Technology. The new water management approach generated significant benefits at Eau du Grand Lyon:

  • Identification, geolocation and fasten repairment of 1,200 new water leaks in the distribution network
  • 1 million m3 of water saved annually in production due to improved performance of the distribution network
  • Overall 8% increase of water network efficiency in four years, from 77% in 2014 to 85.2% in 2018

“Smart metering is one of LoRa Technology’s most successful vertical markets due to its long range, low power capabilities. Implementing a smart metering infrastructure with LoRa Technology allows utility companies to collect data faster and more efficiently, streamlining the deployment of smarter, more sustainable solutions,” said Rémi Demerlé, Director of Utilities Market in Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group.

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