Cubic Telecom introduces Cloud-to-Chip solution

Cubic Telecom introduces Cloud-to-Chip solution

Cubic Telecom is the first to develop and deliver cutting-edge zero-touch software enabling cellular IoT devices onto your public or private cloud.

Cubic Telecom announced at Microsoft Inspire that it has developed new state-of-the-art technology which simplifies and streamlines cellular IoT connectivity for device makers, system integrators and cloud providers.

Using the fastest LTE and 5G-ready connectivity for IoT and zero-touch SIM provisioning, Cubic has addressed each of the pain-points experienced in transferring data securely from IoT devices to the cloud.

As software written on devices can often differ from software written on selected cloud services, a manual action is typically required to onboard the device. To address this issue and eliminate the need for human intervention, the Cubic Team has built a workflow which enables a zero-touch cellular provisioning feature for connecting IoT devices to the chosen network and cloud. Device connectivity is configured end-to-end automatically and securely at the time it is first powered up to enable the seamless transfer of data.

With Cubic’s new software, enterprises will no longer need to onboard each device manually to the preferred network and cloud, as they currently do. By using X.509 certificates data is authenticated, verified and encrypted, remaining secure as it transfers to the cloud via a private cellular network rather than through the public internet.

“The launch of our Cloud-to-Chip solution marks a turning point in IoT LTE and 5G-ready connectivity. Enterprises have historically encountered challenges integrating IoT devices with cloud services, facing engineering delays and high costs. That’s where Cubic has come in. By combining critical security features, a cloud registration manager, network policy management, the ability to make updates Over-The-Air, and SIM lifecycle management, Cubic has simplified this complex integration process,” said Barry Napier, Cubic Telecom CEO.

“Enterprises searching for an automated IoT connectivity solution can now benefit from reduced network complexities, thus saving time, money and effort. We are proud to be the first to market with this zero-touch cellular IoT connectivity solution.”

Cellular IoT is one of the fastest growing IoT markets due to its established security features and widespread availability. Cellular IoT coverage currently serves over 90% of the world’s population. Cubic has its own core network, agreements with 75 tier-1 mobile network operators globally, and agreements with all major SIM vendors, cloud providers and device makers. This enables Cubic to offer ‘provider agnostic’ technology, which will work on any device in any country with a single SKU.

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