Tuya and Soracom Announce Partnership Serving Consumer and Industrial Customers

Tuya and Soracom Announce Partnership Serving Consumer and Industrial Customers

Partnership will combine Soracom’s smart IoT connectivity with Tuya’s IoT platforms.

AI+IoT platform leader Tuya has announced a partnership with Soracom, a global provider of smart connectivity for the Internet of Things, to co-develop their customer bases moving forward.

Following a partnership agreement established this month at Soracom Discovery 2019, all of Soracom’s over 15,000 customers in both the consumer and industrial sectors will gain access to Tuya’s leading AI+IoT platform, along with hardware products from Tuya’s global network of partners. Likewise, Tuya’s over 100,000 customers in lighting, appliances and smart home equipment will have access to Soracom’s IoT data connectivity, secure networking, and cloud integration services.

“This partnership was a natural development for us,” explains Alex Yang, COO and co-founder of Tuya.

“Our customer bases overlap in both commercial and industrial fields, and service global customer bases. This will allow us to strengthen our IoT platform with Soracom’s leading connectivity services.”

Soracom recently announced that over 1 million IoT devices worldwide use its connectivity to connect to the cloud. These devices will now be able to access Tuya’s platform to enable cutting-edge capabilities. Likewise, Tuya’s network of customers and partners will be able to use Soracom’s pay-as-you-go cellular connectivity.

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