New Moxee Signal Personal Safety Solution Now Available

New Moxee Signal Personal Safety Solution Now Available

KonnectONE Delivers Peace of Mind with Moxee Signal—A First-of-Its-Kind Connected Mobile Personal Safety Solution.

KonnectONE today announced the launch of its Moxee™ Signal mobile personal safety solution.

Moxee Signal is a compact, easy-to-use device that pairs built-in 4G LTE with Moxee’s professional monitoring services to help people feel safe and connected with their loved ones. Moxee Signal features simple, easy check-ins for family and friends, tracking via location requests, audio for environmental context when a user is feeling uncertain, plus the ability to request help when needed, from both their friends and family, as well as from emergency services as appropriate. Moxee Signal will be available starting today, launching exclusively at T-Mobile.

“Our mission at KonnectONE is to create high-quality and reliable products and services that keep people connected in meaningful ways,” said Joe Phillips, Chairman of KonnectONE.

“From monitoring aging parents, to knowing your teenagers are okay, to working remotely or independently, to feeling safe while out for a run at night, Moxee Signal is designed to help millions of people feel safer, stay connected to their loved ones, and get peace of mind.”

Moxee Signal, the first launch of an entire suite of Moxee-branded products, extends KonnectONE’s mission to mobile personal safety. The new solution enables people to be more connected to their loved ones, particularly those who may be especially vulnerable, such as individuals engaged in solo activities, aging adults, young adults on their own.

Small enough for a pocket or to be easily clipped to a backpack or purse, Moxee Signal allows users to check in, send their location, and communicate the need for assistance with the press of a single button. Featuring 4G LTE and GPS location technology, as well as a long-life battery, Moxee Signal users can be assured that loved ones can reach them virtually anywhere, anytime.

Moxee Signal delivers four types of check-ins and alerts:

  • Location tracking: “Where are they?” A simple location request from the Moxee App pings the device to show where the Moxee Signal is on a map – all without having to press a button on the device.
  • Check-ins: “I’m okay.” Check-ins sends the user’s contacts location information providing the peace of mind that he/she has arrived safely.
  • Yellow Alerts“Something’s not right.” Yellow Alerts send contacts the user’s location, audio clips to help understand the context of the alert, and the ability to chat with other contacts to determine how to handle next steps – or to let contacts know the user is safe.
  • Red Alerts“I need help.” In addition to providing everything from a Yellow Alert, Red Alerts engage with the Moxee Professional Monitoring Service, which can dispatch emergency services as needed.

The Moxee Professional Monitoring Service is an ultra-reliable and geographically distributed monitoring service covering the domestic United States, with elevated hiring standards focused on highly educated and former military individuals.

Moxee Signal is available in T-Mobile stores across the nation this week for $120.00 MSRP.

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