BehrTech Launches MYTHINGS IIoT Smart Sensor for Environmental Monitoring

BehrTech Launches MYTHINGS IIoT Smart Sensor for Environmental Monitoring

MYTHINGS is the only wireless smart sensor for Industrial IoT leveraging MIOTY (TS-UNB), the ETSI standardized LPWAN protocol.

BehrTech, a disruptive enabler of next-gen wireless connectivity for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), announced today the launch of the MYTHINGS™ Smart Sensor.

This wireless, multi-purpose sensor uses Telegram Splitting technology for long-range, robust, and power-efficient communication in Industrial IoT networks.

The MYTHINGS Smart Sensor measures acceleration, temperature, humidity, vibration, pressure, and shock. Unlike other smart sensors that are intended for stationary use only, the MYTHINGS Smart Sensor supports mobile data communication up to 120km/hr whether its attached to a moving object or transmitting data to a moving base station.

The compact, portable design makes the MYTHINGS Smart Sensor ideal for a wide variety of environmental monitoring and other IIoT applications, such as production quality and control, equipment health monitoring, off-road fleet management, cold chain monitoring and energy management. The integrated GPS unit also facilitates asset tracking and can be used to establish a real-world wireless coverage map.

“As with all MYTHINGS products, our goal is to deliver highly integrable and interoperable wireless connectivity,” said Wolfgang Thieme, Chief Product Officer, BehrTech.

“The MYTHINGS Smart Sensor is built with an open serial interface so our customers can connect to their existing equipment for simplified deployment in brownfield environments and more flexibility in defining application data.”

BehrTech provides OEM partners with access to the complete MYTHINGS Smart Sensor reference design including schematics, layouts, firmware, and relevant documentation.

The MYTHINGS Smart Sensor will be available next month through BehrTech Partners including Applied IoT, PixelMechanics and CGF.

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