Traxens selects AVSystem for efficient management of smart containers

Traxens selects AVSystem for efficient management of smart containers

Traxens, expert in providing high value data and services for the supply chain industry, and AVSystem, leader in IoT device management solutions, today announce a partnership that enables management of asset trackers with the Coiote IoT Device Management platform.

Traxens provides organizations with real-time insight into their global supply chains in industries, such as shipping or aviation, by using devices that track containers transported on vessels, airplanes or trains. The trackers, through the use of the LwM2M protocol, will be able to easily perform firmware and software upgrades over the air, as well as provide information, such as geolocation, temperature and other various conditions in the environment surrounding the containers.

Ensuring connectivity for assets that travel by sea and can’t have the batteries changed proved to be very problematic. It meant that telemetry and firmware upgrades designed for low-power assets became the key requirements for Traxens’s business.

These challenges were tackled through the use of Lightweight M2M protocol — device management and telemetry technology which is increasing its market share. Choosing a standard over a custom or a proprietary protocol gives Traxens a long-term advantage due to reduced costs of maintenance and avoiding vendor lock-in.

Borys Godowski, sales director at AVSystem, said:

“What’s unique about Lightweight M2M is that it’s constantly evolving, yet at the same time preserving its lightweightedness. With its 1.1 version we were introduced to fundamental changes, such as new transport bindings like TCP or non-ip data delivery featuring 3GPP CIoT, as well as LoRaWAN. A new 1.2 release is already being planned and includes even more enhancements and optimizations; suffice to say, it will surely secure LwM2M’s position as a strong challenger among IoT standards for telemetry and device management.”

Using AVSystem’s IoT device management platform and utilizing the LwM2M protocol will allow Traxens to considerably prolong the battery life of its devices and enable efficient performance, even in difficult conditions and over potentially unstable networks. Furthermore, using OMA SpecWorks’ standard allows Traxens to avoid vendor lock-in and enables the IoT device management side of its business to be future-oriented.

Lucas Moulin, program and solution director at Traxens, said:
“Our internal evaluation showed beyond doubt that LwM2M is a future-proof standard worth adopting. Moreover, during vendor selection process, AVSystem demonstrated best-of-breed product that’s ready to use thanks to its strong device auto-discovery features. What’s more, with the Coiote IoT Device Management platform, all device management processes have become automated, which saved time and allowed us to focus on other areas of our business”.

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