The Environment-friendly SIM Card for IoT and M2M by Things Mobile That Does Not Waste Plastic

The Environment-friendly SIM Card for IoT and M2M by Things Mobile That Does Not Waste Plastic

Things Mobile, the operator dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT) with the best-selling SIM cards on Amazon, presents the “Eco-SIM Card”, the first environment-friendly SIM that does not waste plastic.

This innovative SIM card is able to connect millions of smart devices, from washing machines to drinking water systems, through to fleet tracking or security systems.

The idea of Things Mobile is to reduce the useless waste of plastic used in SIM cards, respecting the environment and nature.

Traditional SIM cards, in fact, are produced and sold in a plastic frame in the shape of a “credit card”, which is completely useless, since the first thing you do when you buy it is to remove it and then throw it away.

That’s why Things Mobile has developed a new, much smaller format that greatly minimizes the environmental impact. “Eco-SIM Card” is a brand new SIM card that has minimized the material, since the size of the packaging is about a quarter of that currently on the market: the new SIM card uses less than 4 grams of plastic, compared to the 16 grams of traditional cards.

As Manuel Zanella (43 years old), founder and CEO of Things Mobile notes:

“All the plastic used to package SIM cards is now superfluous because the IoT devices typically use nano or micro SIM cards. With the new Eco-SIM card, we manage to save 80% of plastic, 13 tons in 3 years, and a reduce CO2 emissions equal to 8,000 kg, just as much as a car emits to travel around the world – a truly incredible quantity.”

Juan De la Coba, Co-founder of Things Mobile explains:
“Our SIM cards help businesses to achieve entirely automated and interconnected industrial production. This means lower costs and lower energy consumption. In addition, each company can manage its own SIM cards with our IoT Portal. Regardless of the number of SIM cards, you accelerate time to market, reduce costs and increase reliability with automated connectivity management.”

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